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Auto Tracking Camera for Live Streaming Talent

Did you ever wonder how cameras move in television broadcasts during your favorite TV Show? Well they have a camera operator that can cost upwards of $75k per year. With live streaming becoming more affordable many live streams are interested in having an auto-tracking camera follow the talent to reproduce this video production control without the need of a physical person. In this video, we demonstrate the HuddleCamHD Simpltrack with HD-SDI plugged into our broadcast PC running vMix. The nice thing about the SimplTrack is that it include 3G HD-SDI and USB 3.0 video output options for live streaming and video production.

Auto Tracking Camera for Live Streaming

Auto Tracking Camera for Live Streaming

As  you can see throughout this video we  change the auto tracking camera settings using the IP interface to adjust the sensitivity and speed of the camera PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom). This allows us to get change settings for various auto-tracking camera installations and scenarios for example: a classroom, a lecture hall or a live streaming studio. With the sensitivity down and panning speed slowed down you will see that the camera panning looks very natural. This is the perfect auto-tracking camera for NewTek Tricasters, vMix users, Wirecast, xSplit and StreamStar productions.

Auto-Tracking Camera Controls

Auto-Tracking Camera Controls

You can see that the camera controls are available once you click the “Advanced Parameters” button. We have various auto-tracking settings to change, some of which we do not cover in this video such as blocking sections. For this video, we are trying to get the automatically controlled PTZ camera movements to match the speed and accuracy of a human camera operator. Therefore the tracking sensitivity and pan speeds need to be very low. We do not want the auto-tracking camera controls to look as though it is robotic or mechanical even though it is. That is beauty of the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack auto tracking camera solution. The controls have been fine-tuned in such a way that the controls can mimic that of a real camera operator with ease. Once installed and set up you can leave the remote PTZ auto-tracking camera controls for easy use in the future.

For a more in-depth look at this camera including the functionality of the IP interface see the video below:

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