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Learn More Far End Camera Control Software for Windows

In this video, we review our far end camera control software useful for remote control of PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) controls over your network. This software include remote camera control from any web-browser or computer on your network. The software also provides an outside IP address which can be used for camera PTZ controls. We review the RS-232 VISCA control cabling required with a DB9 to USB adapter. This cabling is used in a live video to demonstrate camera controls with the computer based (Windows Only) software.

Far End PTZ Camera Control Extension Picture

Far End PTZ Camera Control Extension Picture

As you can see from the pictures above we are using the include RS-232 cable with all HuddleCamHD cameras. These cables are 9 feet or 3 meters in length and provide a 8-pin mini-din connection to the camera and a DB9 connection which can be used with a joystick controller or this DB9 to USB adapter. The DB9 to USB adapter allows the computer to connect to the serial control of the camera and the connection is assigned to a COM port on your computer. This COM port can be found in the device manager of your Windows computer and is often used for serial control with SONY VISCA protocol. As you can also see here each HuddleCamHD camera is connected via a daisy chain cable which we call a “cascade cable.” You can learn more about HuddleCamHD DB9 extensions and cascade cables here.

The DB9 to USB adapter pictured above is the FTDI DB9 to USB – RS-232 – Female to Male. This adapter was also plugged into a DB9 extenstion which is usually a male to female cable.




Here is a better look at the software which shows the entire program for far end PTZ camera control. At the top you have options for how you want to control the PTZ camera functionality which can include a virtual joystick, a USB joystick or hotkeys. When you select the virtual joystick you can operate the pan, tilt and zoom of your camera via the virtual joystick on the screen with your mouse. When you select the USB joystick this mean you have a real USB joystick attached to your computer you would like to use to issue PTZ camera commands. Finally, when you select hotkeys you will see a button pad for PTZ controls along with the ability to enable your keyboard for pan, tilt and zoom camera functions.

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Joystick Controllers
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