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Watch on YouTube Far End PTZ Camera Control – How to use RS232 over USB

In this video, we will discus far end camera control for our PTZ Cameras via RS-232 over USB. Many of the HuddleCamHD camera also support UVC control which provides far end camera control over a USB connection to software such as VSee and Zoom Video Conferencing. But today, we will talk about RS-232 commands over USB. These commands can be built into various programs and used as dedicated controllers for medical video conferencing carts and/or regular meeting spaces.

RS-232 has been the industry standard for controlling ProAV hardware devices since the beginning so support for RS-232 commands over USB is a big deal. This control protocol can allow users to use Crestron, AMX or their very own Windows programs to build Pan, Tilt and Zoom control functionality.

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Joystick Controllers

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