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Download the Conference Room Setup Guide Tips for Designing a Conference Room

Tips for Designing a Conference Room

We recently acquired a brand new office space as part of our HuddleCamHD team’s expansion process. As we were contemplating the setup for our 3000 sq ft office space, we decided to share some of our insights on the best way to optimize and design a video conference room at your workplace. Our brand-new office space served as an excellent test environment to consider the various aspects of a conference room. We narrow down a conference room setup to 4 major components: the table size and orientation, the LCD/ LED Screen size and height, the number of seats and the camera mounting configurations.

tips for designing a conference space

tips for designing a conference space

The first step is to accurately measure the office space’s length, width and height to get a better idea of the options available. A handy trick is to count the ceiling tiles and gain a very accurate estimate of the length and width of the floor space. In the US, office spaces generally, utilize 2ft x 4ft or 2ft x 2ft ceiling tiles (distinguishable by their respective rectangular or square shape). The maximum dimensions of the table should be at least 10 feet less than those of the room’s corresponding edges. For example, a 20ft x 15ft room should not contain a table larger than 10ft x 5ft. This separation will enable seamless movement across the conference room.

Our FREE guide gives you a unique equation to optimize the number of chairs that can be fitted into your video conferencing space based on the length of your table. Click here to sign up for our newsletter and access your FREE best practices guide immediately! For example, through our calculations, we determined that a conference room with an 8ft table would fit 8 regular office chairs in total. We put this theory to the text in our own conference space and saw amazing results.

Conference Space Design Guide

Conference Space Design Guide

The table size will also have an effect on our screen size as the monitor should be clearly visible from its farthest viewpoint at the table. Our FREE guide also provides a table to determine the LCD/LED screen size based on our unique equation. For your convenience, we have also presented the approximate price for each display size. For example, our hypothetical 20ft x 15ft room with a 10ft x 5ft table would need a 60in display for an optimal viewing experience. His would set you back $599, on average. You can sign up for our free newsletters here and gain immediate access to our FREE best practices guide.

In our opinion, the camera placement is the most crucial aspect of any video conferencing setup. To provide the best experience, the camera should be at eye level, when seated (51in from the floor). Naturally, if the conference room is set up as a collaboration space or a standing conference room, then the camera level needs to be adjusted (raised) accordingly. Note that the camera height should be considered before mounting the screen as it is best to place the screen directly above the camera for a seamless conferencing experience. The camera will be situated at 51 in height, meaning the camera mount would be slightly lower and the TV would be mounted slightly above that height.

Ideal Conference Camera Mounting Height

Ideal Conference Camera Mounting Height

We recommend using the HuddleCamHD Team Plus kit to optimize the productivity of your conference room. The Team Plus Kit includes an Intel Core i7 computer connected to the wall-mounted screen, the HuddleCamHD 10x Camera and a microphone array beam. These three components are ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms in your business.

Our new HuddleView camera is a must-have in your conference space. This camera features USB 3.0,RS-232 control input, SDI cable output, DVI output, and Ethernet connection. This high-quality camera features a built-in 12x optical zoom among other top-of-the-line features. Please contact our team to schedule a demo for your workplace!

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