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Tech for flipping the classroom

The “Flipped Classroom” concept is a form of “Blended Learning” which has been popular for more than ten years, and many educators have tried over the years to create a nice, simple, but engaging content which is now commonplace in the world. Many teachers who really want to do right for the students think of ways to create high-quality instructional videos which they incorporate into their curriculum. There is currently a countless number of easy to use applications and devices which educators can use to make it easier for them to create a video. Many schools and educators who have not done so are beginning to accept this new system to learning and teaching. It is such that learning can be done at home, and the learning can be applied to other peers.

Auotracking camera for lecture capture

Whiteboard follow me tracking technology

A flipped classroom is a well-known method of teaching where a teacher stands in front of a classroom and gives a lecture or pass information, and this is transmitted to the students. Homework can then be given to the students to make sure that they understand what has been taught. So by means of the flipped classroom, students can obtain information from a video, receive assignments which can be done outside or inside the classroom with help from the teacher.
The flipped classrooms videos are designed in such a way that you can enjoy them and have no problem processing the information from the video. The class activities given after the video plays helps to only make the points stick more and enrich the video and also help you receive some valuable skills. People who love this system believe that with this flipped classrooms, students learn more and are more involved. The system teaches people from different age grades and levels be it higher education so or students in high school.

The Huddlecam HD conferencing cameras

Autotracking camera for education and lecture capture

Auto tracking camera for education and lecture capture

There are so many techs available today, but one that has grown in popularity is the HuddleCamHD Cameras. This device has various versions and software such as the HuddleCam simple tracking software’s, zoom video conferencing, and much other amazing software’s which has the ability to follow the person or educator as you record. It can be set by means of these software’s t focus on the whiteboard as the background so that the information never gets obscured. It provides great zooming, and it is simple to use. It can help you even record your videos with your OBS, which can be transmitted to your computer and is transmitted to your video manager.

So you may wonder what then does the teacher do in a flipped classroom?

Role of The teacher
The teacher serves as the guide for the students by providing enrichment and other reinforcement activities for the students. Some of these activities include experiments and Making sure that the students complete their projects. They also help in challenging the working ground and helping to provide information on how the can solve problems. The teachers also provide practice questions to gauge how much she students follow or understand what is being said.
The teacher also acts as the tutor by helping students with advice or further explanations when they have problems providing personal attention to each of them.
So for a flipped classroom to work just fine, the teacher should endeavor not to give a lecture to the whole class but should make out time to describe experimental procedures. The teachers should also help with projects that they can engage in to boost the learning process.

What are the pros?

  • Flip teaching has a lot of benefits which you can enjoy.
  • Videos can be replayed and paused such that you get to listen to every word.
  • Students can learn at their own pace

With the flipped classroom, students have the opportunity of obtaining the information the teacher wants to pass by means of the video. They have the opportunity to restart the video, to pause it if they also want to enable them to understand it more. If it was a regular teacher’s lecture, this would not be possible. From the video, students can also make notes, and it would be easier for them if they miss words to replay it. This is a method the teacher can use to assess if the students actually did watch the video.

software for video recordings

software for video recordings

Class activities enrich the video

The class activities which can be done in a flipped classroom helps the students to have a better and richer understanding of the topic discussed. If the students have got the video already and reviewed it, they have the opportunity to enjoy the activity of the day much better. It would also aid their understanding since they have carried out some aspect of the day’s activity at home. With the flipped classroom, problem-solving can be made easier, more practical, and creative. It is important for teachers to select the right kind of assignments for the benefit of the students. This is no doubt a very beneficial way to get the best out of the students.
Students can enjoy working at their own pace
This is one of the points many people who believe strongly in the flipped classroom always hold on to. They say that if students are introduced to this system of learning, the will work according to their abilities. If they are studying and they have an easy grasp of what is being said, they can move further and can be challenged with more difficult work. Those who may not have the ability to move with such pace can slow down the videos and also receive help from the educators. It is important that when experiments are carried out that the teachers provide close monitoring for the student’s activities. The teachers should be careful not to be distracted by other tasks performed by the students at home.

What are some of the CONS?

  • Questions can’t be asked directly to a teacher. But questions can be sent in via new learning management systems
  • Obtaining information from a video may be a challenge for the students
  • Teachers are not available, during the learning process

Students may not be able to ask questions from presentations they do not understand. Although many teachers who have mastered this art of flipped classrooms tell their students to write down their questions. This would help them to discuss the problem whenever they get to see in the next class. Teachers can also leave the students with websites which provide information related to the topic which the students can look and probably even find answers to their questions. They can also. Students now need to research on their own if they are provided materials and textbooks on the topic discussed. This is important to provide students with reliable information on the topic. 


Many schools are turning to lecture capture solutions to make the process of video creation easier for their teachers. Designing engaging curriculum for students is nothing new for instructors. What is new is the process of recording these videos and making them available via learning management systems. Teachers are finding that learning management systems extend student learning opportunities in many ways. We hope you have found this video and blog post helpful!

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