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Dealer Sign Up 2017 ProAV Update

We look forward to presenting some exciting new announcements including:

✓ New Auto-tracking camera
✓ New 3X with Audio!
✓ Deal Registration Programs
✓ New Q1 Price Lists
✓ And much much more!

ProAV Update 2017 Q1 Agenda

  • Introduction to Channel Managers
  • Introduction to Lead Support Technician Andy Chatfield
  • New HuddleCamHD 3XA & 10XA Models – Benefits & Limitations
  • New HuddleCamHD SimplTrak – Pre-Order now & Quick LIVE demo
  • New Turn-Key Ceiling Mount
  • New Q1 2017 Pricing
  • MSRP Pricing Reminder
  • Video Collaboration Solutions – Branding Review & Demo
  • Product Line Overview / Website Tour
  • Gen2 Joystick Available Now
  • Rocosoft Software Control Option
  • New HuddleCamHD Playbook
  • Deal Registration Program
  • Marketing Campaign In A Box
  • UDEMY Courses Available Now


Live Show ProAV Transcript

Parter Webinar Q1 2017 HC

Parter Webinar Q1 2017 HC



Patrick: Wow, your favorite USB camera line here. My name is Patrick Kirby with Huddle Cam HD and I’m here with Margaret Wilman.

Patrick: In the background you can also our other channel partner Matt Richards network on the call.

Matthew: Hi everyone thanks for joining.

Margaret: Alright guys this is our Q1 2017 webinar, so welcome. It is on YouTube, so we’re looking at that chat, so feel free to ask any questions and chat along here and then we’ll have a Q&A at the end. Something that we’re also doing today at the end is a giveaway, so make sure you’re listening and paying attention. At the end in the chat, this should take about a half hour and at the end in the chat we’ll put questions in there. The first person that answers it correctly receives our giveaway, which is a huddle pod air.


Patrick: So stay tuned for that question. Hopefully we’ll get you guys communicating with the free huddle pod.

Margaret: Yeah and just really quickly. I think you all know this but our e-mail for the partners’ team is [email protected] And then orders, for placing orders is orders at

Patrick: So if you guys have any questions related to what we’re up to our general sales questions or technical questions, feel free to e-mail us at partners and then if you have any questions about your orders that will go directly to the orders team. So let’s get started.  

Margaret: So a quick agenda, we won’t read through this whole agenda, but we have pretty much to cover here in a half-hour a lot of new product announcements, new options and new pricing for 2017.

Patrick:  We just want to get you guys caught up, some new products, what we’re up to and what you can expect to see. All that good stuff.
Margaret: So first of all let’s introduce the team I’m Margaret Wilman, channel development. So again, feel free to contact me. Give me a call at our partners at or [email protected]

Patrick: And my name is Patrick Kirby, I am one of the department managers. Your account managers. I handle majority, of the East Coast and some of our international partners. So if you want to set up lunch and learns or scheduled cameras, camera demos, marketing calls, feel free to get in touch with me and we cannot help you get set up. I’ve had a lot of experience working abroad, as well as I am from Philadelphia.  So I’ve been in the East Coast for a long time. Hey Matt you want to introduce yourself?

Meet the Channel Team

USB Conference Camera Manager

Matthew: Yeah, everyone thanks for joining. My name is Matt Richards. I am located in Salt Lake City. So I work with all of our partners on the west side of the country. So I’m looking forward to working with you all soon and I’m happy to answer questions and work with you soon.

Patrick: How is the snow out there Matt? The end that were sent. 
Matthew: There is a lot if right now.

Patrick: So some good skiing for sure?
Matthew: That’s okay.

Patrick: On the support side who we don’t have with us today but I’m sure some of our partners have worked with them.  Andy Chatfield is one of our lead tech support technicians, he’s a great guy. He does sound testing, product compatibility, ticket assistance, phone support, all that stuff. So if you have any technical questions regarding you know possible working with the software, used cases, anything like that, feel free to reach out to Andy. You can either submit a ticket and that goes directly to him in the support team. Or there is also support at

Margaret: We’ve added a new team member Sean Regan maybe you’ve all already talked to him but he is also available for support now, so we have a team of people to help you out.

Patrick:  Yeah really nice guy kind of goofy picture but no worries. 

Margaret: Alright so Matt, I think you’re going this kick this off correct?
Matthew: Yeah, absolutely this is something that we’re really excited about. So here we have the All-in-one HuddleCam 3x. And this is with a built in dual microphone. So I believe we have a quick introduction video. Are we going to Q that?

New USB Conferencing Systems

USB Video Collaboration System

USB Video Collaboration System

Patrick: Yeah why don’t we play the video for them? 
Matthew: We wanted to show you guys. So this has the same format or same form factor as our current Huddle Cam 3x except with a larger base to incorporate that dual microphone. This is going to be compatible with virtually any meeting software on the market, using a USB 2.0 card, you’re going to gain audio, video and control. So this is a really exciting unit that we believe is going to be a great seller, as this is an excellent all in one camera and microphone unit. Here you will see the dual microphone array. This is going to be sufficient for any small to medium size room and it’s going to provide audio pickup for all participants. This has the same great quality as our current 3X so I’m pretty excited about this product.  
Patrick: Where this fits in the marketplace are for people that are looking for that audio and video along with one unit. Where they don’t want to stretch some sort of microphones to the table. It’s a smaller huddle room. They are trying to get audio and video through Skype, WebEx, Google hangouts. This will all be handled over one USB 2.0 cable and takes care of, well one installation helps make that simpler.  Also, you know, you’re not extending any mics to the table. Quick things to keep in mind here, is that this will be a microphone only, so it’s a dual microphone array it will pick up microphone, beamforming microphone outward, out towards your conference room, stuff like that, your 15 by 15 rooms. It’s not a speaker, you would technically be using the speakers through the television to get your far end sound. So it doesn’t completely take away from a speakerphone aspect, but it will be a nice product that will have several used cases available for you guys.

Margaret: Yeah and I don’t know if you can all see that Matt’s window is there in front of the map pricing, but 5.99 is map. We have MSRP as well as map for you, okay.

Patrick: And feel free to contact us more about the product or pricing. Right the Huddle Cam HD SimplTrack. This is our new all-in-one tracking camera. It’s a unique tracking camera that will be USB, kind of follows in the Huddle Cam line. Auto tracking as been a very popular feature, a lot of requests for these types of scenarios, for lecture capture, auditoriums, you know other type of auto tracking, used cases, Ted talks. You can have your own Ted talk if you want, something like that. And once again starting at map $5499 and we’ve got a quick video to go over that as well. So there is the Huddle Cam SimplTrack, there I am on video. What a good-looking guy, you know, but it shows you, it’s going to be compatible with virtually any software so your current video Conference ticks off, your recording software, broadcast software. It’s a two camera system. It’s got the front wide-angle camera and the pantel zoom camera above with the 20X optical zoom, the 60 degree field of view for the pantel zoom. Comes with an easy IP control software, so you could manage multiple cameras, set the camera settings, put them all on your network right. You can kind of see quickly the wide-angle camera. So for setting the tracking distance, and then the pantel zoom actual tracking camera. And there is the camera lists. Once they are put on your network, they’ll all pop and that IP software, you can set the settings, advanced settings, set the blocking zones, whole 9 yards. We will have more footage on the IP interface, but just showing it will become with a convenient tripod kit or ceiling mount option. You know and that will be included in the price, included in the product offering. And its easy extension cables. Once again lecture capture, there I am in a classroom.  Any tracking solution, that’s been a popular request, so we wanted to develop something there for you guys and that should be available in Q1. Hopefully sometime in February for those that 09:55.

New USB Auto Tracking Camera

Auto Tracking USB Conference Camera

Auto Tracking USB Conference Camera

Patrick: We brought a male model into show some live tracking stuff. There is our male model, to show you the.

Margaret: Yeah, we have our simple track on a tripod, now tracking Paul walking around in our board room. So there he is. You can also set presets for this. You can set a home so it will go back home if it loses tracking. So we’ll show you that menu here pretty quickly. Showing him writing on a whiteboard or an interactive board, you can zoom in if you wanted to. You really want to alleviate the presenter from having to have to control anything, but there are controls there if you wanted to make changes.
Patrick:  Well and the good point you bring up there Margaret, is that one, it eliminates the need for an operator and it also is IP-based. So you can manage that once you put it on the network, you manage that remotely. So you know one IT director that need sees in a bunch of rooms. He can pretty much just go in and start that individual classroom, will pick up the professor and then he can manage all that remotely.  You know the camera settings, the starting and stopping of tracking and all 9 yard. It also has your manual pan tilt zoom option, they are there, I guess if you wanted to manually track it you know.
Margaret: There’s a menu there that we’re showing.  

Patrick: Yes, this is the SimplTrack software. The advanced settings 10 ADP 60, you can set various resolutions, you can set home positions, set IP addresses. You can pretty much set up all that and set up the tracking zone. That’s where you can see 12:01 for tracking zones.

Margaret: There is blocking zones area, so you could block out certain parts of the room if you don’t want it to go to those zones.

Patrick: That’s Paul blocking out a door. So if somebody entered the classroom while he was tracking or doing something, it would just block that out and not track that person. And it is a mixture of facial and motion.

Margaret: Yeah, the primary tracking is motion tracking, and then it has facial as well if there is movement in the background, so it’s a mixture.
Patrick:  And once again we’re releasing this right now, 12:40, it should be available sometime in February, is what we’re hoping. So feel free to ask us more questions. We do have the partners e-mail there for you. So feel free to shoot us an e-mail and you know we can either help get you a demo unit free to play around with, or you know we can always hop on a video call and auto track ourselves if you want. So the new ceiling mount plate. Another popular request. We have had ceiling mounts before. We’ve had various ceiling mounts as well just kind of different. This is the drop-down. It’s the ceiling mount plate. We have had the one inch pipes right now for drop ceiling scenarios. This is the ceiling mount plate.

Margaret: Go above the acoustic ceiling 13:41, making it kind of a kit. So you’re not up there above the drop ceiling, trying to figure out what parts you need to install this.

Patrick: Yeah, we have this for a while, we offered the one-inch pipe thread mount.  We just haven’t had the full solutions, so we’re kind of leaving people with well, you know get your own pipe jump. Now we got that for you. So if you have any questions about that, feel free to reach out. This is showing you our Q1 27 pricing.  

Q1 HuddleCamHD Pricing

MAP and MSRP Video Conferencing Pricing

MAP and MSRP Video Conferencing Pricing

Margaret: Just a reminder that we do have MSRP as well as Map on all of our sites we list MSRP. So there is MAP pricing to really protect the channel and increase your margins there.

Patrick: Yeah the Huddle Cam protractor key. Once again if you have any questions about pricing as well. After this webinar, we will be sending out all the Q1 2017 pricing. So, look for an e-mail from us in particular, either Matt, Margaret or I and we will be in touch. And now we just want to go over our collaboration solutions. I think Margaret is going to address our kit solutions and kind of tell you a little bit more about them and why we developed them the way they are and some of the solution the way we imagine it.

Margaret: So there’s a quick video showing this kit. There is the mini PC. The camera. The camera wall mounts. The acoustic Magic mic array as well as the meeting room interface. This really works with any web conferencing software. This is like a meeting dash where that gives the user really nice interface to start with their meeting and share applications. There’s the mini PC that’s included and the amount for that PC, which would mount right behind the flat panel display in the room, with Windows 10 pre-installed on there for you, so you are ready to go or your customer is ready to go. So again a nice kit that you can offer really easy to install and use. The SKU’s are on the priceless. There’s a couple different SKUs, there is the team and then there’s the team plus for like a bigger conference room. There’s also a couple SKUs for support for exchange integration. Okay.

Patrick: I just want to recognize that some of the value add for our partners when they are looking at this kit, is that it is customizable, especially the meeting room interface. So whether your clients have Skype for business or Zoom or Google hangouts or GoToMeeting, whenever. All that will work with that meeting interface, which is nice. And once again, there are two main ones and we’ll show you how to set it up. Here’s a quick installation, video, you know, kind of drop-down showing you a quick 17:02 is one of our installers.

Margaret: That’s actually showing a mount, the display mount. That is not included so your customer would have to add a display, a flat-panel display and display mount over and above the kit that you’re providing.

Patrick: Yep and ended real question here is that everyone’s getting out of the TV business, there is no money in them. You know, there’s no point for us to try and ship them internationally either. And a lot of times your client are already going to have a display in a meeting room that they just use for a TV. This gives you the kit that you can, you know, offer them and it’s a full solution.  Easy to install, easy for their IT departments to support. So just provide your own display and mount and then our kit will fit virtually any display that you have.

Margaret: Now this is showing the customization of that meeting room interface or dashboard so you can add your logo there, your customers’ logo, change the color scheme, add the icons for the conferencing software, so they can quickly launch Skype or Zoom when they walk into the room. You can lock down the PC so the user is not doing all kinds of different things on that mini PC that’s dedicated to the room. You can reset around. You can also add icons for any applications that are being shared common, that are popular application that you’re using for web conferencing. It also gives you camera control. Right now here we’re showing this video, how you can customize it for your customer or have your logo, but you can also have camera control right there to the zoom panel right from the interface. So everything the user would need to quickly launch a Web conferencing meeting and reset the room when they are finished.

Camera Joystick Controller

Camera Joystick Controller

Patrick: Yeah with various software right, that’s the nice part is that it helps get you out of that proprietary arena, you’re not dealing with these super expensive Kodak’s that you have to use all that equipment. A lot of your clients already have these solutions. They are already a Skype house, already a GoToMeeting house, already a WebEx house. This gives you a solution that you can offer your clients regardless of what they are using. It allows you to supports some of that hardware. And it’s not just conferencing. So you can put office 365. You know, Microsoft Word, they can open up excel and importantly, they can lock it out. So you can make it so for the IT department could pretty much just put office on there, along with your video conferencing software and you lock down the PC so they can only access that. For end-users that makes it super easy because they just go in open what they need and there’s a room reset button. So at the end of the conference or the meeting, even if its local and they don’t use the video conferencing. They’re just using word or whatever you know, you rock it out and when it leaves there is a room reset button and it starts it all over pretty much and wipes the usage record and all that.  I think Matt was going to address the camera controls and camera control options we have. So why don’t we let him go over some of our control options.

New RS-232 Joystick Controller

Matthew: That’s right I’ll dive right into that. So if you’re not going to use our amazing brand-new auto tracking camera. We have a couple different options here. So every Huddle Cam HD camera comes with a handheld IR remote. We do sell replacement remotes, we have the SKU right there on the slide, as well as we have the RS-232 joystick, which you’re seeing in this quick introduction video. This can control quite a whole number of cameras. The first 4 cameras you can control using the select buttons, really nice, user-friendly joystick there, that’s going to allow you to do pantel, zoom along with that you have buttons for focus. You actually have keyboard buttons for zoom, Iris and this joystick is great for setting presets. You can do up to 256 presets. So this is going to be really nice for using multiple cameras in a lot of different scenarios. So you still see map pricing as well as the SKU right underneath that picture, along with the hardware controller we have software options. These are available for PC as well as mobile devices, including a tablet or smartphone. Then you will see all of the sku’s and pricing right there on that slide.  

Patrick: And the nice thing to mention about the software options, is that they are pretty intuitive and in-depth. There is a lot of features that come with them, you know, stuff that you know a lot of people I don’t know if your 22:31 would use for your live streaming aficionado as you broadcast people. There is touring, there is timed penning, like you can set up times for the presets. There is a lot of interesting features in the software option, but pretty much the RS-232 joystick controllers just we 22:56 kind of made it a little bit more intuitive, so that’s available for you guys as well.  Here is just a quick, I’m in the way. You can see the joystick behind me. It’s just a quick wiring diagrams to show how to set up the DB 9 extender and the daisy-chain cables. So that’s one thing you just try and make sure people are aware of. You want the DB 9 extension to the first camera and then you’re going to get an 8 pin minidid RS-232 cascade cables for every camera after that.  So just keep in mind that first camera and then cameras to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 to a million.

Margaret: Then we do have a lot of cabling skus so you all know you can sell the cabling as well.  

Patrick: Alright and here we got our Oppty registration. That stands for opportunity, also that’s self-explanatory. Feel free to, if you guys have a larger deal, get it submitted so we can help secure that for you. That’s pretty standard.  

Margaret: The minimum registration is 10k, it’s valid if it’s a proven, and it’s valid for 90 days. And when you fill out the form you’re asked to request a distributor. So just be prepared to select a distributor when you fill out that form.

Patrick: We have had several partners do this with us as well, and I think it worked out pretty well. So let us support you guys on your opportunities, let’s help you out, and let us help you get these things. I think everything that is good.

Margaret: Marketing campaign in a box. So if you need any help with marketing let us know, everything is here at this site. It’s actually a drop box account and all our product images or their, e-mail campaign, template, logos

Patrick:  These are just here, so we can help you guys in your marketing efforts. You know, we can help get product brochures with your company information on it. There’s logos for your websites or if you’re putting them up on your websites, your e-commerce sites, you know, there’s pictures, descriptions, important websites and we update that more than quarterly. Probably every two or three weeks or so. Anything new comes out, you know, it should get put in there. So that’s there for you, feel free if you guys haven’t gotten that already. Let us know and we’ll make sure that gets to you. Anything else we need to.

HuddleCamHD Tech Support

HuddleCamHD Tech Support

HuddleCamHD Tech Support

Margaret: Nope that’s marketing campaign in a box. The knowledge base so frequently asked questions. This is really managed by support. So you can always access that if you feel as though you want to submit a ticket or submit a questions or refer to questions that our customers have already asked. That would all be there in the knowledge base.

Patrick: Yeah and it’s actually super useful. You know, there is so many videos up on, Nandy and Sean do a great job making sure those videos are there. So we’re Eastern standard Time, I know some of our West Coast partners or some of our partners in Europe can always get us on the phone. That’s a great place to start, not only are there questions there, but chances are there’s a video going over it as well.  And you could submit a new ticket, it’s right there. Matt you want to go over these Udemy courses for Udemy?

Matthew: I think we’d say Udemy. This is a fantastic resource for not only our partners, but for their end-users and their customers. This has just got everything they are going to need to get up and running, starting live streaming systems and just basic camera information. So you’ll see Paul is going through this whole website, this as everything that you could possibly need to get up and running for basic camera, control and live streaming options.

Margaret: And we do have, I think you have to pay for the course but we have coupons available for you and you could send those coupons to your customers. 

Patrick: So if you have a customer looking at one of our cameras let them know that this training course comes along with it. So if you need some, you know, extra grease for the wheel, let them know that these course pretty much come with camera for the most part, and that it has live streaming, video conferencing, it goes over the cameras, it goes over the control, so it is a really nice resource that we try to make available for not only our partners, but for our partners, customers and clients. So this is give away time. Do you have some bounce or something? Got to get some sound effects of this.  

Margaret: Okay now this we are not going to read the question, it is going to be posted in the You Tube chat. So make sure you have access to You Tube chat. She’s not going to put it up yet but Tess is going to type it into You Tube chat in a few seconds. Just want to make sure you all have access to YouTube chat before we put it in there. And again it’s a Huddle Pod Air, which is our wireless USB conference phone, which is one of our most popular item.

Patrick: These things are great. I mean wireless super easy-to-use, makes it super easy for end-users and once again we use it in our room. This is a 20 by 20 room. We’ve had easily 10 to 12 people in our rooms and we use these things.  They are great. 


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