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Samaritans Purse Holiday Giving

This year we were able to make 10 boxes for needy children. They look great and it feels so good to know some child will open up this box and find all the treasures.
The boxes have hygiene items like soap and toothpaste and brushes and wash clothes., musical items like whistles and harmonicas, academic items like note books and pens and pencils, art items like crayons and coloring books, craft items like beading and braiding, some treats like candy canes and lolly pops. sports items like balls, and toys like hot wheels and super balls, and tools like flashlights with batteries and zip lock baggies.
It feels so good in fact, that we are committed to doing this again next year.  So through out next year when you see a great deal on something… same as before. 5 girls and 5 boys ages 5-9.
Holiday Giving 2
Thank you all so much.
Check out the pictures of  HuddleCamHD’s Holiday Giving
Holiday Giving 3

Holiday Giving 3

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