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HuddleCamHD announces direct Facebook Live integration

Philadelphia, PA – HuddleCamHD announces full camera line compatibility with Facebook’s new desktop live streaming application available for both Mac and PC users. The new “Go Live” live streaming application allows users to initiate a live stream directly through the social networks browser based application. The “Go Live” web app provides additional ease of use and functionality for the already popular live streaming platform. Facebook hopes to make live streaming scalable inside it’s 1.4 billion user social network with live streaming tools, some of which are demonstrated in the video below.

Facebook has made it clear that live streaming is a major push for the platform. From major television advertisements, to outdoor LED screen campaigns in Time Square, NYC, Facebook’s central theme in 2016 and 2016 has been live streaming. “This new built-in application shows Facebook’s dedication to the live streaming industry and the potential for scalability to the masses” says Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer at HuddleCamHD. “At HuddleCamHD, we have watched the live streaming grow from it’s infancy. We watched early innovators and helped work with early adopters…” says Richards. “I can finally say we are on the brink of a major mass adoption stage.”

The new built-in application from Facebook can be launched directly from a Facebook news feed, providing access to USB live streaming devices connected to a Windows or Apple computer. Facebook’s “Go Live” application works seamlessly with HuddleCamHD cameras. The USB based PTZ camera line has been built for standard “webcam” use and computer functionality so Facebook’s desktop live streaming application will automatically recognize the pan, tilt, and zoom cameras for use. HuddleCamHD’s camera and microphone solutions are ideal for quick and easy, affordable live streaming like never before.

“Instead of promoting users to integrate with unfamiliar RTSP information like YouTube, the new Facebook streaming app simply prompts the user for a camera and microphone selection.” says Richards. “If you follow the live streaming industry this should excite you…” Facebook is currently rolling this feature out to the entire network and not all users will have access. HuddleCamHD says they are confident the feature will be available to most individual, group and business Facebook accounts before the end of the year.


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