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See us use this app with vMix Brand New Facebook Live Streaming APP

Facebook just released a new live streaming app feature, and we’re loving it. The “built-in” element makes live streaming easier than ever. With live streaming viewership up 81% from 2015, apps like this are soon becoming an essential part of social media behavior.

What’s so special about it? Glad you asked.

  1. The simpler the app, the more accessible it is
  2. The app is now available on your desktop computer, not just your smartphone
  3. Users can create a professional grade show at any time paired with USB video products

Having just been released at the start of 2017, the app is slowly making its way onto our Facebook accounts. Luckily, one of our accounts currently has access to the feature, but not all. Facebook’s network is extremely large so the application will be added to all accounts gradually during the year. We’ve attached a video showing off the new Facebook Live Streaming App. This new feature is fantastic for us as it allows for direct compatibility with HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics products.  For anyone interested in creating professional grade live streaming videos, it’s fantastic for you as well. The app allows for ultimate ease and accessibility. So you can see what I’m talking about, here’s a glance at the structure.



As the video will display, the app allows you to eliminate the RTSP streaming process and film directly from a “Virtual Webcam”. With 67% of live streaming viewers saying video quality is important to them, this should be of interest to anyone live streaming. One can now combine high quality live streaming video with a “everyone can do” approach. Wether your streaming a conference, speaker, concert, religious event, or a simple tutorial, you now have access to a useful aid. Paired with a PTZOptics or HuddleCamHD Live Streaming Camera and a streaming software like vMix, xSplit, or Wirecast, live streaming offers endless possibilities as its popularity continues to set off.  Check out this short video above to see how to navigate the app.

Thanks for reading this quick post about the new Facebook Live Streaming Application! Don’t forget to tune in for our weekly live show every Friday at 11AM PST and 2PM EST. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here!

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