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Hello AV & IT Pros!

Today we are live streaming a webinar called “Boost Webinar Attendance with Live Streaming!“. While the overall market is growing, Video on Demand is a $25.30 Billion dollar market which is expected to grow to $61 Billion by 2020 (Market Study Here), it seems like live streaming is still a bit of a jump into the deep end of traditional web conferencing users who are used to GoToWebinar orWebEX Event Center. So I wanted to break down the market in a way that shows the overall potential audiences for live streaming and webinar users.

YouTube’s reach compared with Facebook & Skype

When you live stream on YouTube your potential reach is anyone with a compatible web browser which includes: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Like WebRTC video conferencing technology the barrier to a “one-click” set up is minimal. Now take a look at Skype which has 300 million users (YouTube has 1 billion users). As you can see Skype combine with a major cable network like Comcast still does not even come close to the user base of someone like Facebook or YouTube.

The Benefits of Webinar Technology

Most live streaming services require a little more set up then a traditional GoToWebinar and they offer less in depth features for webinar control… But Microsoft and Google are looking to change that with Hangouts on Air and Skype Meeting Broadcast. Reaching large audiences seems to be a key goal for most webinar hosts. So the question becomes where does your organization want to be on a scale from public to private. Take’s famous “sophisticated business plan” for example.

Where does your should your content be delivered?

Do you want to host a private share holder meetings?

Or a public product announcement?

Upcoming Live Webinar

For us, we choose live streaming with a webinar backbone provided by Zoom Video Conferencing. We host our interactive webinar with Zoom and live stream it to various CDN’s including YouTube Live.

Catch our next live stream here.

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