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Knowledge Base Entry How to use multiple HuddleCam USB cameras on the same PC or Mac

Hello HuddleCamHD users,

If you are trying to use multiple HuddleCamHD (or multiples of the same USB camera) with your Mac or PC sometimes it can be difficult switching between them because they have the same USB Driver Name. In fact, some programs will not operate properly, because they cannot distinguish between the two cameras with the same name. So we created a review on how to change the USB camera name and it will fix this problem.

So we answered the popular question: “I have 2 Huddlecams on the same PC and I can’t easily switch between them, is there a way to do this?”

Yes there is actually. We see this happen occasionally where the PC makes you unplug and then re-plug one of the huddlecams to make it switch between the 2 inside of a video conferencing platform. Obviously unplugging and then re-plugging a camera everytime you wish to switch between cameras is not a valid solution so we have some up with a solution that should work in the long run.

1. First off, you would want to get into device manager (search for “device manager” in the windows search bar) to see both of your Huddlecams listed under imaging devices.

2. Next, you would select the camera you wish to be changed. The camera you select will be seen as “USB Video Device” after this is done. Once you decide which camera will change name, you can right click on that “Huddlecam” and select “Update Driver Software”

3. After that, you would select “Browse my Computer for driver software”.

4. The next step would be to select the option “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

5. Once you select that, the only option available to you should be “USB Video Device”. Select that and then click “next”

6. Your second Huddlecam should be showing up as USB Video device in Windows as well as any video conferencing platform. You should now have no problems switching between your 2 Huddlecams without having to unplug and re-plug your camera all the time.

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