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HuddleCamHD is a technology that allows users in separate locations irrespective of the distance to hold face-to-face meetings at their different comfort zone without having to meet at a specific venue. HuddleCamHd is particularly convenient for educational purpose, Healthcare, corporate business users in different cities and as far as different countries because it saves time, energy and expense associated with meeting at a particular venue. The HuddleCamHD provides transmission of full-motion video images between multiple locations and suits different purposes.

All in One Video Conference Camera

All in One Video Conference Camera


Video conferencing in education has helped self-paced e-learning evolve into a new magnitude. HuddleCamHD is by far the leading tool for improved virtual learning and communication between teachers, students, parents, staff members and faculties around the world. It offers students the flexibility to time to education as per their requirements. HuddleCamHD technology made it easier for professional who have to adjust learning within their busy schedules and for those students in remote cities or countries who long for courses that isn’t available in their current demographic location.

Distance Learning

The biggest trend in higher education is Distance Learning , HuddleCamHD is a video conferencing tool with variety of functions in higher education that can reduce cost and to improve Distance Learning experience. Enhanced Distance Learning through HuddleCamHD involves:

  • The opportunity to attend class virtually from anywhere, even when student is sick, snowed in or traveling.
  • The lecturer or professor creating a virtual office hour where students “drop in and out” as they like during the set hours so as to avoid the hassles of commuting, waiting and parking.
  • Guest Lectures can be delivered by guest speakers from around the word to excite students. These build relationships with other institutions and scholars around the world without necessarily spending for departmental travels and hospitality.
  • Student can create or join study group from anywhere so they can write and edit papers together by sharing their screen in the study group and team project can be achieved.
  • Foreign language student can practice language face-to-face using HuddlecamHD with native speakers and international students can keep in touch with family and friends.

You can bring the world to your classroom with HuddleCamHD video conferencing technology in a simpler and cost-effective manner than you’d imagine. With HuddleCamHD you will optimize learning opportunities and extend the reach of your classroom through video conferencing.

Healthcare Afforable <a href=


Do you need consultancy service from a doctor who doesn’t reside in your city or country? Well, with absolute ease and no travel, you can now consult him/her with our new HuddleCamHD video conferencing technology. With the aid of HuddleCamHD technology, TeleMedicine video conferencing system are used for diagnosis and prescription of medical treatment for patients living in remote location and also for remote clinical consultations between medical professionals and their patient.

TeleMedicine Video Conferencing

The HuddleCamHD camera connects to the TeleMedicine video conferencing system, allows a physician at a remote location real-time access to the patient and a face-to-face interaction with the patient.

TeleMedicine video conferencing can be used in the following ways:

  • TeleMedicine enables more effective critical care to patients that finds it difficult to travel distance to see their doctor. Video access to health professionals are beneficial to patients who are very ill, elderly or in the late stages of pregnancy.
  • Mental health care is made accessible and well-suited for video conferencing than others. Mental health care services are ideal for TeleMedicine through video conferencing with a focus on doctor-patient interactions.
  • Medical education is broadening between health professionals by using video conferencing to connect students, fellow physicians and patient advocacy group for seminars, meeting and classes. These enables medical practitioners around the world to share information that would otherwise be out of reach for some.
  • Access for remote patient is improved as TeleMedicine has the ability to increase health care service to reach millions of new patients, from those in remote rural areas to those in crowded urban environments according to the American TeleMedicine Association.


Face-to-face business interactions with clients could only be achieved through travelling from one location to another for many years. These interactions were necessary to leverage new opportunities which also brought about many challenges for business. Advancement in technology has led to the introduction of video conferencing. Video conferencing technology has been advancing rapidly as large corporations have been investing heavily in state-of-the-art high definition installations to enable face-to-face discussions between executives. HuddleCamHD technology opens new opportunities for business and in fact, most companies now see corporate video conferencing as an ideal way to bring new vitality and speed into decision making and business processes. HuddleCamHD technology is improved in terms of time, ease of use, quality, availability and sharing capabilities. Some of the benefits include:

  • Saves time in terms of organizing business meetings, especially in situation where participants come from different locations. Video conferencing makes the planning and scheduling of meeting much easier and organized.
  • Video conferencing lead to Increase in productivity as it offers multiple channels for business to create and maintain its competitive advantage. Faster decision making is facilitated as corporate businesses can easily share knowledge over video.
  • Video conferencing gives opportunity to meet partners, clients, colleagues and stakeholders as a result facilitate and improves business relations and further opportunities for the business is created.
  • It’s really expensive when you look at cost such as air ticket, accommodation, subsistence allowances entertainment as well as time when organizing a meeting that brings together stakeholders from around the world. These could be avoided through video conferencing and money is saved.  

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