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Affordable Streaming Systems Series Five Affordable Streaming Systems Under $2K

For anyone considering purchasing a video conferencing system, HuddleCamHD offers five of our affordable systems that adhere to various budgets. Video conferencing systems are a great way to communicate between a multitude of settings, including corporate offices, places of worship, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and much more. Our HuddleCamHD cameras have multiple options that can meet the custom needs of your individual project.

Live Streaming Camera Options

The systems we will be introducing in this video series range in price from $499 to $2,000. The options we propose meet the audio-visual streaming needs in a variation of locations depending on which system you choose. The first system is for those with the most basic needs or tight budget. This package includes our HuddleCamHD 3x camera paired with a Samson XPDI USB Headset. The camera itself is $399 and the headset is only $99. The second option is our brand new HuddleCamHD 3XA at $649. This camera has a built-in audio feature giving users their audio and visual all in one. Our third system is a blend of the first two. This option is perfect for those looking to use the cameras for high-quality professional streaming purposes. The use of two cameras allows the user to switch between frames while changing the zoom and or positions of the other. This includes both the HuddleCamHD 3X and 3XA. We also have included a Samson XPDI Headset so the talent or person speaking can have their own microphone while the 3XA can capture the audience audio. The fourth system is a variation of the first three options except with our 10X Generation 3 HuddleCamHD in addition to the HuddleCamHD 3XA camera and XPDI Headset. With 10X zoom, this system is priced at $1,700. Finally, the fifth option includes one of our highest zoom capabilities at 20X with a HuddleCamHD 3XA and an XPDI Headset. This option is for those looking for the highest quality and capability system at approximately $2,000.

Video Conferencing Camera

Video Conferencing Camera

These systems are meant to give clients a better understanding of our video conference streaming cameras, how they work, and some helpful system options. Following this video, we have provided five short videos pertaining to each individual system to further explain the many benefits of our video conferencing selections. These videos will include an overview of each option, setup of the camera and microphone, and instructions for a free streaming software, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Stay tuned for some useful information!

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