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Mimo Monitors Website New USB Mimo Touch Screen with HDMI Input

The latest Mimo USB touch screens now feature an HDMI frame grabber function! What? That means the latest Mimo Vue HD (SKU: UM-1080CP-G) works as a touch screen monitor and allows users to add HDMI video as a USB video source!

Here at HuddleCamHD we use the Mimo Vue HD USB touch screens to launch video conferencing applications. So we will open the box on this new Mimo Vue HD including the new Capture Card built-in. Imagine a simple $499 USB touch screen which also includes a HDMI input to your computer? It’s going to be a game changer!

Mimo Touch Screen Webinar Transcript

New Mimo Touch Screen with HDMI Input

New Mimo Touch Screen with HDMI Input

Hello everybody Paul Richards here with Huddlecam HD, and today we are going to open the box on a brand new Mimo touch screen ,now some of you may have seen the Mimo touch screen and I have some videos of the old Mimo touch screen, this new Mimo touch screen let me see if I can pull up the part number here the square is UM-1080CP-G so this is going to be a 1080P touch screen, and it is going to provide HDMI input ,right at the touch screen travels over the USB through to your computer and provide the touch screen interface to your computer this product is brand new, you might not even seen it on their web site yet we go our hands on it so we gone a give everybody a sneak peak on this baby and not only that, ah like the intro thank you cool intro video.

About the UM-1080CP-G

Mimo UM-1080CP-G

Mimo UM-1080CP-G

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Mimo Touch Screen Review

I want to talk about so let’s take this video full screen I want to show you guys this product from the beginning here like I said the part number is in the description of this video this is the new Mimo 10.1 inch touch screen color touch screen and it has HDMI frame grabber built in. So just imagine for a second putting this on your conference room table okay, instead of a touch panel that cause thousands and thousands of dollars plug it in to your computer and now having access to your so there is the all he all the inner enervative stuff there and we are going to open this box up. So the goal is that you take a Huddlecam HD system you know we have our systems that we sell and you can literally plug it into the system and now have the ability to turn the whole computer whether you are using our Intel knock or any computer and making it a touch screen.

Mimo Vue HD HDMI and USB

Mimo Vue HD HDMI and USB

New Mimo HDMI, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connections

This is the little right angle cables that it comes with there is a right angle HTMI there is a right angle USB 3.0 and then there is a right angle USB 2.0, and then there is like a little shroud for the bottom to give it a nice clean look. Lets open it up here you’ll see it’s got a little, a little kind of what would you call that a little seat for it a little holder a littler holster to put it in and that slips the monitor right on there. There’s the 10.1 inch touch screen so there is our little touch screen there slips right in and allows for a really nice little touch screen interface for your web base video conferencing for go too meeting Skype for any Skype for businesses. Zoom.US fuse box, Google hangout anything that you’re using we are really going to show you the software here too which I you guys are really going to appreciate once you see live in action once this is all set up, so we setting it up we showing how it looks.

10 inch touch screen

Mimo Vue HD Touch Screen with HDMI

Mimo Vue HD Touch Screen with HDMI

Looks nice it’s a 10 inch 1080P touch screen all the different connecters for power and you just slip in USP HDMI and then power in to their, and it’s just a docking station yes the docking station. But it’s a touch screen monitor for your computer so now your meeting room you know we are all moving towards cloud base USB base computer base systems that are very flexible and easy to use. Now you got an easy touch screen solution that’s going to make your life and more importantly your users life easier, you know the end users are going to walk in you don’t need to worry about remote control or some complicated touch screen this is going to be reflexing the windows interface. Now truth be told I will say that we’ve had a little bit of issues with this product, so Mimos got some things to work out this is brand new theirs only 25 in the world you can’t just go out and buy this right now, but I’m giving you guys a little sneak preview of what to expect.

New Product on Mimo’s Website

Now let me show you Mimos Website so I will show you what you can buy today and then we will go from there. Let take this full screen actually so hers is Mimos Website they’ve got all kind of little touch screen products these are the Mimos views and his is what we have in our conference room this is a 1080P USB, there is the 1080P HDMI and it looks like there is still waiting to release this new one it’s not even on their Website yet. So keep in mind we have a little bit of issues playing with it here and there, but look at this is how our board room set up right here, we got door monitors we’ve got an Intel nook behind the computer. And then we have a little Mimo touch screen there showing off how we can just plug and play do an install.

Real Installation Example

Mimo Touch Screen with HuddleCamHD SOftware

Mimo Touch Screen with HuddleCamHD SOftware

In fact let me quickly show you what’s behind that television I’m going just to speak over this, but you can see their we’ve got the Intel nook installed on the wall there, so you can see the Intel nook that’s what is behind those displays okay. We’ve got some other USB extensions in there, there is a major well frame grabber who takes the HDMI from the table that allows us to input directly via USB into the computer and really that Intel nook is the heart of the system. Now what Mimo’s doing is their building that Intel nook into the touch screen oh sorry the HTMI frame grabber that major wall frame grabber is going be all in one in this touch screen product huge value, it’s going to be four ninety nine MSRP, street value might even be less than that so it’s a very, very cool product I’m excited about it.

Complete HuddleCamHD Video Conferencing Kits

Installation Kits with Mimo Touch Screen'

Installation Kits with Mimo Touch Screen’

And now why am I so excited about it let’s talk a little bit about more about this. So you can see here that we got these complete kit and thank you for everyone out there whose purchase these complete kits, anyone out there who loves these complete kit we been actually selling quite a bit of these and the way they work is they basically have everything you need to install. So you’ve got Intel nook you’ve got your microphone you’ve got your camera, you’ve got your keyboard you’ve got your keyboard and mouse just like I showed you in the video before and they work with any web conferencing soft ware. So what’s the big deal well we also include a touch screen, oh no we don’t include the touch screen so that’s why I’m doing this video because you can get your own. But the software that we include is compatible with any meeting software blue jeans Google hangouts go to meetings Skype for businesses very easy reset room button and this dashboard whether you have it on a television and you just using a keyboard or mouse to use it which is the cheapest way or whether you want to put it on the touch screen that we are talking about becomes the easiest possible way to sport all the cloud based meeting software system out there, we pre install windows 10 we’ve got ninety five on this nook 250 megabytes [unclear are driving,16 gigabytes of ram so it’s the perfect platform for working with a touch screen monitor like this Mimo. So let me just show you a quick example of how easy it is to go ahead and deck this baby out so here is the touch here you can see that once I am in edit mode I can add any application to the side bar and kind of arrange it however I wish whether I want people to have access to drop box or world our pointer or excel. I can also choose any conferencing software and we make that button nice and big. And we’ve got Skype and go to meeting in blue jeans and WebEx. And once you’re done editing you can just go ahead edit this I will take you through just a little bit of the backend here so we can take a look what are some of the other things that make this so powerful. You can have a support in email there so if anything go wrong it automatically email support you can name the room you can go through some reset room features that reset room button can do quite a lot you can have it delete cash you can have it delete the bruiser history you can have it for cooperate compliance hit all the check marks. These are the meetings software that we choosing from but of course we can add anything under the sun for meeting software on this touch screen and then we’re left with a completely customize completely branded experience for our end users

Program the touch screen yourself!

Back of Mimo Vue HD Touch Screen

Back of Mimo Vue HD Touch Screen

For ridiculously affordable price, you know we’re not hiring programmers that are extremely expensive, were not providing extremely hard to user proprietary software. And to kick it off the last thing I will show here is the camera control which is built in so we can actually control the Panetta zoom of the camera as well directly through this interface you don’t have to worry about losing the remote control, people can just walk right in and control the Panetta zoom. So that is pretty much what I had prepared today guys that’s what we are talking about a really cool little touch screen and now this touch screen here is taking it to the next level okay. So there are those Mimo touch screen that you can get today for 200 bucks put it on your table plug it in your nook. And hopefully we will have some wireless USB solutions to really make this up turnkey solution. But for now I mean 200 bucks add a touch screen to your table this software makes it that much easier to use and now we’ve got a really great experience. Let me just quickly show this one more time here again we’ve got that inlet nook computer plugged in to two monitors so these are dual monitor capable we have that frame grabber there which take HTMI from the table and converts it to USB again with the new Mimo touch we wouldn’t even need that. The new Mimo touch screen has that build in, so over one USB connection we can deliver HTMI or we can deliver video touch control and HTMI video from the table and 1080P signal coming back so that is crazy cool at 499 MSRP not sure how they are even doing it, it’s wow incredible price point. Look at the organization here too when you get this stuff installed that Intel nooks slips right behind the display so it’s very neat and tidy there no need to for an equipment rack, all of these little things that we thought end up not only saving you time and money on the install, but it looks clean it’s a long term experience it’s a long term investments for your company. You can see that they have a core hole not a core hole but a nice granite hole put in the drywall there to bring all the cables out neatly so that the installation looks very clean it’s a very, very nice installed that Intel includes a mounting plate that you just put the plate you saw that in the video earlier the Intel nook just melt right to the wall there slips behind the television and then you’ll see hear that we just go ahead and stick the television right on top of all of that equipment plenty of ventilation there you know I mean it’s not over heating problems there plug it into HDMI slip it on that that’s a milestone mount there, and now we’ve got full access to that screen so that screen there is where your meeting room that’s where your meetings are going to pop up there.

Use any meeting software… Launch with the touch screen

So when you are using a touch screen and I will show this in the second here. When you’re using a touch screen this video is a little bit rough but when you using a touch screen like this you’re touching the buttons, you are launching the videos those go up to the screen. so when you’ve got that screen there that is where you are launching the videos, so it’s pretty good I just want to kind of show how that works. Let me see if I have another good example of this. Here is a little of a better example, sorry the lighting is a little off but you click the button boom you launch the video call, that was Google hangout which is really, really quick. Here is Skype of course if you already had Skype running it would even start faster, there is Skype for business you can see it launching there that’s how it works so that’s what we are trying to make so super easy, and the fact that you can now design the touch screen yourself no programming skills needed that I think what the key is. So that’s where I am going to leave you guys 15minutes review of the Mimo touch screen if you have any question I will answer them in the post-show but I’m going to go ahead roll our new credits roll and thank you so much for tuning in everybody.

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