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Our Kickstarter Why Crowdfunding and Live Streaming work so well!

Just last week we reviewed the new Super Chat feature available in YouTube. Now we are taking a deeper dive into the crowdfunding world with Kickstarter. Our recent product launch on Kickstarter led us to a product review of Kickstarter’s new live streaming platform. It turns out live streaming is becoming the perfect tool for crowdfunding allowing entrepreneurs and product developers.

Live Kickstarter

Live Kickstarter

YouTube has completely replaced “Fan Funding” with Super Chat in a push to help content creators monetize their YouTube channels through live streaming. This is a major decision by Google and it comes shortly after Facebook report outlining huge successes with live streaming. Facebook reported in late 2016, that viewers will watch live video for 3 times longer than pre-recorded content.

Live Stream Included in the Kickstarter

Live Stream Included in the Kickstarter

Now the crowdfunding platforms are supporting live streaming and Kickstarter has done an amazing job! As you can see in our presentation Kickstarter allows active projects the ability to gain additional exposure with live streaming on the platform. Like Facebook, Kickstarter has created a simple WebRTC integration which integrates audience chatroom functionality with a live video and audio feed from the broadcaster.

Why is live streaming so effective for crowd funding!

  1. Audience participation – The best live streams include audience participation. Facebook Live includes audience polling (but no monetization methods yet)
  2. Peer Recognition – Fans receive instant gratification for their contribution in the form of acknowledgement by their favorite creator

It’s all about the energy and atmosphere surrounding live video. Kickstarter and YouTube both display donations / backer information to publically display success. There is nothing quite like the ability to broadcast to thousands of people and recognize the ones that are making contributions on a personal level.

How live streaming works for Kickstarter

  1. You must have an active Kickstarter Project
  2. Once logged in you can schedule your live stream
  3. All scheduled live streams are displays on
  4. All you need is a webcam and microphone from a technical level
    1. You can also use Wirecast or vMix with the “external” webcam feature
  5. Scheduled live streams will show up on your Kickstarter project page
What Next on Kickstarter

What Next on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is one the absolute best places to launch a new product. I really like the way they display upcoming live streams in a television-style “what’s next” style. Kickstarter feels easier to break through the clutter when compared to YouTube and Facebook but that’s just my own opinion.

Our next live stream on Kickstarter!

We are actually hosting two live streams on Kickstarter this week! February 23rd and 24th at 10AM PST 1PM EST Join live here will be our kick off live streams. After that we are considering live streaming each Friday to demonstrate new uses for our latest product release the HuddleCamHD USB2Air


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