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Watch on YouTube! Making the Revolabs UC Speakerphones Wireless

In this video, we demonstrate one of the industries top speakerphones: the Revolabs UC500 with the USB2Air. The USB2Air is a wireless USB 2.0 extension system that allows us to make various USB devices wireless. Making the Revolabs UC speakerphone line wireless is huge benefit for Professional audio visual installation and DIY video conferencing setups because it eliminates the cabling needed between the computer and the speakerphone. Traditionally, users would have to plug the Revolabs UC500, UC1000 or UC1500 into power and USB 2.0 to a computer for complete operation. While the unit still needs power the larger obstacle to successful integration is usually the long USB cabling being run to the computer across the room.

Wireless RevoLabs UC500

Wireless RevoLabs UC500

As you can see from the picture above the Revolabs UC speakerphone can now have a wireless connection to the Windows PC (Intel NUC shown) for video conferencing applications. One of the important features available on the USB2Air is near zero latency. The computer really acts just like a regular USB cable has been connected from the Revolabs UC500 even though it is now wireless. The range on the USB2Air is 25′ so this is really a small to medium sized room deployment option. Some professional audio visual integrators have been using USB 2.0 extensions between each wireless receiver to increase the effective range which is great. The most important part of making the USB2Air work flawlessly is line-of-sight setup.

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