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Product Detials How to use the RS-232 Joystick Controller

In this video we take your through the basic operations for the HuddleCamHD RS-232 Joystick Controller. This joystick controller can control more than 200 PTZ cameras with full 3D joystick control. The HC-JOY-G2 provides camera control over RS-232 or RS-485 cabling and supports daisy chaining of multiple cameras.

This second generation joystick features new camera switching buttons and a completely redone interface for camera operators. PTZ camera operation with the HuddleCamHD joystick is a breeze!


Please welcome our newest addition to the HuddleCamHD family, the HC-JOY-G2. It has received multiple upgrades to it’s predecessor, which you can see below.

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