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HuddleCam Live HuddleCamHD Live Stream -Episode 1 – Camera Control, Crestron MMX-6-USB and Epiphan AV.IO

HuddleCam Live Episode 1

HuddleCamHD’s 1st episode was a great success! There were a few small glitches we mention below (were learning and trying to be innovative) but overall we talked about some great USB based video conferencing and live streaming technology. We reviewed far end camera control options with our PTZ camera control Wizard Nikolai Bikoriz. We used the RS-232 Joystick controller from HuddleCamHD is a live streaming session and we used the virtual joystick control software via RS-232 to USB adapter connected to our PC.

Room for Improvement:

There were two small glitches that were going to fix up next live stream. One we started the live about 1 minute late and the recorded video doesn’t start until 1:15 seconds. Second there was a small glitch with the green screen from vMix. Were going to looking into using different video formats. For our green screen we used the Epiphan AV.IO to grab the video conferencing call from a Intel NUC PC and brought it into vMix. Then we used a MP4 video file behind the green screened effect on the Epiphan AV.IO video feed. There were small glitches from time to time and we are going to try AVI files next week instead of MP4 files. Our thought was that MP4 is smaller but maybe vMix (being a native Windows program) likes AVI. Also, we did use vMix x64 which allows more than 4 GB of Ram to be used by the program. So it wasn’t a processor issue because the Dell Laptop we do use has 16 GB and a i7 processor.

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