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Slack Audio Conferencing


Slack is a great collaboration tool that allows teams to communicate on various channels of information. Slack has just released a new update for audio calling which allows users to make a VoIP internet phone call in Slack. The way it works (once enabled by your admin) is that a phone icon will appear in channels and private chat areas. You can click the phone call button to initiate a audio only phone conversation with the people you are collaborating with. This notifies everyone in your slack channel and makes a great way to escalate your collaboration online to a phone conversation. Everyone will need a USB microphone and some type of speaker. USB audio conferencing headsets are perfect for conversations like these. Once you have launched your audio conference you can now invite more slack users (even users outside the slack channel which you started your audio call with!) So it’s a great tool for audio conferencing within slack.

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  • Posted: April 21, 2017 11:46

    Chico Manobela

    Nice. if you need conferencing you will still need 3rd party app, like: