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Watch the full webinar here Tips for the USDA Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant

Tips for the USDA Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant

In this video, we review the USDA DLT (Distance Learning and Telemedicine) Grant in preparation for our upcoming webinar. This USDA Grant includes $17 million in funding for technology helping organizations with educational or telemedicine / telehealth messaging that needs help obtaining equipment to promote their message.

In this webinar, we will prepare your organization for this upcoming grant (opening in April of 2017). This grant is only going to be open for 60 days and we can help your organization through the grant writing process and understanding the USDA point system.

Paul Richards: Hello everybody Paul Richards here with Huddle cam HD and I want to tell you about an upcoming webinar reviewing the United states department of agriculture, the USDA distance learning and tele-medicine grant, this is also called the DLT grant for 2017 the USDA has $17,000,000 in funding slated to help organizations that are either promoting distance learning or telemedicine for rural communities and they kind of think about this as a hub spoke so if you are a hospital or an organization that is a hub for some type of distance learning, helping people with whether it’s telemedicine or diabetes help or addiction prevention or even cyber bullying there is a great amount of potential uses for this, you can think about a hub spokes, so you’re the hub you are trying to get your message out, how can you connect with rural communities and help spread that message. So let me introduce you to a couple of experts in the field and we will kind of explain to you what you can expect in this webinar which is going to be March 1st this upcoming Wednesday where we are going to go over the details of all of this grant. So let me introduce to you our panel that we’re going to have on our webinar here March 10th this Wednesday to help everyone get a better understanding of how to win the USDA DLT distance learning and telemedicine grant, helping rural communities get video communications equipment and have a better experience and program to help collaborate visually with organizations all around the world. First let me introduce Philip Wolford from KW associate who’s actually helped his client win this grant multiple times in 2015, in 2016, how are you doing Phillip?
Philip Wolford: I’m good Paul, how about yourself?
Paul Richards: I’m doing great and I also have with us Rusteen Hashmi from MDI and they are a Mobile cart manufacturing, he’s got a really cool cart that his going to show us that also helps integrate this technology and be able to make it shared all around the world, how are you doing Rusteen Hashmi?
Rusteen Hashmi: Great, thanks.
Paul Richards: so Phillip why don’t you tell us a little bit about your experience in getting the USDA DLT grant awarded for some of your customers.
Philip Wolford: Sure thank you. [inaudible 02:22] KW associate of a consulting firm and I’m a two term award winner of the USDA DLT which is a distance learning telemedicine grant, it is an annual grant and what it does is it allows organizations to produce, corroborate or collaboration between organizations and therefore they can use technology to deliver either education or they can use it to deliver much needed telemedicine so sometimes you can do it through tele-stroke sometimes you can do it through diabetes education so the USDA likes to invest their money in technology providers and they are looking forward to collaborating this year with providers of technology that are much more flexible and also are very agnostic because the [inaudible 03:24] and educational environment is migrating a lot towards mobile phones and we have one of our partners with us which is Rusteen Hashmi, his from MDI, I’ve worked with Rusteen Hashmi in the past, I’ve worked with Rusteen Hashmi nationally distributing appliance for the organizations so we have Rusteen Hashmi here today he’s showing us one of the designs that we’re going to be promoting during DLT
Paul Richards: Yeah Rusteen Hashmi why don’t you go ahead and show us what you have there.
Rusteen Hashmi: So I have a telemedicine cart platform here, let’s do a quick turnaround of the whole thing. So this is a mobile cart solution on a lithium ion battery backup system, the cart runs for about 6 to 8 hours with the equipment that we have on it right now so we have from the top to the bottom we have the Hubble cam pen, tilt zoom camera, we have some Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas to extend our signal as best as we can. We have a 24inch monitor an echo cancelling speaker phone, we have a washable keyboard and mouse which is really great for telemedicine you can pretty easily, wipe this device down to keep them clean, also we have a locking storage door which we keep peripherals that maybe used in a scenario and this stuff is called all size of being functionality it’s an altruist lift they raise and lower the cart in the appropriate height that you need.

TeleMedicine Peripherals

USDA DLT TeleMedicine Equipment

USDA DLT TeleMedicine Equipment

Paul Richards: well that is a great telemedicine and also distance learning mobile cart to take this technology where it needs to go and allow you to share it with multiple organizations, we’re having a webinar we’re really going to dig into this in more detail, Phillip if you can give some of our viewers some tip on how to structure this grant, how to start thinking about it now because here we are in march of 2017 here just about and they USDA grant is going to open up in April, it’s only going to be available for 60 days so we want to get you guys the information you need to help really take full advantage of this grant. Phillip can you give up some tips now we’re going to do a full webinar on this March 1st but give us some tips, give us things that people can look forward to on this webinar
Philip Wolford: I’d appreciate that, one of the things I want to really stress about this partnership is the ability for us to use agnostic communication platforms, for example PTZ optics and Huddle cam is a partner with zoom and the importance of that for the DLT is that it reaches out to a lot more patients and people that want to be educated because it is modern and it’s flexible and it talks to today’s technology, that’s really important so that you can get the most content and most connection, the more you connect, the better your outcome is. So having a partner like PTZ optics and Huddle cam and Rusteen Hashmi’s technology, we’re able to reach a lot more people more effectively and for less money and that’s kind of important about the DLT because what you don’t want to do is get yourself locked into a technology that you can’t get out of, so if you go down some of the old path, what we called legacy you get stock where you can’t reach out to the communities, you can’t do a lot of things that you want to do so we’re very fortunate to have partners like yourself and together we can offer the best solution for the most economical price and that’s the most important thing the DLT wants to see because we have to remember is what will happen is you’ll apply with partners and you’ll purchase the equipment and then the DLT will reimburse you for your investment but we need to produce a narrative that tells them we have the best product that’s going to reach the most amount of people and it’s going to be the most effective and that’s the message you that you need to get back over to the DLT and we can help you..

USDA DLT Grant Point Scores

USDA Telemedicine Grants

USDA Telemedicine Grants

Paul Richards: We are going to have a grant writer actually on this show, we’re going to have our webinar March 1st which is this upcoming Wednesday and another webinar March 17th it’s the second Friday of March and we’re going to have crystal page from the grant office LLC and if you do not have a grant writer, we can help connect you with him so you’re going to get a manufacturer who works with all the cloud base video conferencing solutions, who are really affordable and we’re going to try to help you get the best value for your grant. We have Philip Wolford who can offer 24/7 support onsite, training and all of the things that are really going to help you win this grant and take the most advantage of this and of course we have Rusteen Hashmi here just showing you some of the technology that can be integrated and kind of full packaged into this grant. The last thing I will leave you with is that in 2017 the USDA is now accepting cloud based video conferencing services to be included in the grant so that means we no longer have to use the hardware based poly common Cisco units and we can bundle in up to 3 years of cloud based services for your organization and partnered organization, so if you want to reach out and maybe build a partnership or an alliance with some of the more rural organizations and communities that you serve or that you can educate, now is the time to start doing this, so we are going to have a link below where you can download a check-list to kind of get your head in the right place to start thinking about the right question to start asking your organization so that you can win this award so that you can get backing from your organization and this is a timely message the USDA is only going to have this grant opened for 60 days so I will highly suggest you schedule a strategy meeting at the link below where we’re going to get you up to speed so that your organization is ready with the grant that can be accepted while this program is still open so there is $17,000,000 in funding for US organizations, it could be a non-profit, a for profit, a government agency, even a tribe as long as you have an education message or a telemedicine message that’s helping rural communities, you can win this grant and we are here to help you. Is there anything you want to add Phillip before we go ahead and tell people to register for the webinar?
Philip Wolford: No, I think we did everything and I look forward to working with everyone.
Paul Richards: Alright we will see you guys this Wednesday, March 1st for the distance learning focused webinar and how you can apply for this grant. Thank you so much for watching everybody, we look forward to seeing you there and always, all the information is below, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in touch with all of the latest video conferencing and cloud base information and like this video and share it with your organization so that we can start getting the ball rolling for your organization to win this really prestigious great grant from the USDA. Thanks everybody.
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