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Back this Project on Kickstarter New Wireless USB Extension Supports 1080p Video for Virtual Reality & Webcam Use

Wireless USB Extension for Virtual Reality Headsets

The USB2Air launched on Kickstarter this week will be the first wireless USB transceiver built for 1080p video. Practical applications include wireless webcams, virtual reality headsets and USB hubs.

Philadelphia, PA – Feb 27, 2017 – USB devices have taken over the world of tech but the world has yet to discover a wireless solution for connecting these devices to the computers that use them. HuddleCamHD has recently launched a solution on Kickstarter called the USB2Air which will cost only $254 for early bird project backers. The USB2Air will provide a wireless USB 2.0 link up to 30 Mbps for multiple USB devices. The initial videos show multiple 1080p USB webcams in use with the USB2Air which can operate at distances up to 25′.

Wireless USB Virtual Reality Headset

Wireless USB Virtual Reality Headset

The USB2Air includes the following features:

  1. FCC Certified to wirelessly transmit 1080p video, audio and/or data up to 25′ between wireless transceivers
  2. 30Mbps of available bandwidth (Shareable between multiple devices) (See bandwidth chart below)
  3. Less than 1ms of latency (ideal fo video conferencing, virtual reality, image magnification and other real-time applications)
  4. Works with any Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 computer
  5. Eliminates the need for expensive USB extension cabling in small/medium sized rooms
  6. Includes a 1-year warranty from HuddleCamHD

HuddleCamHD is projecting worldwide deliveries to start May of 2017. Each week HuddleCamHD will host a live stream on Kickstarter to answer questions and show new USB devices connecting wirelessly with the device.

How is the USB2Air different from other products?

Anything you find under “Wireless USB” is for extending the ability to accept WiFi. There were some wireless USB transmission systems for video about 2-3 years ago but they were discontinued. Our is finally a reliable Wireless USB 2.0 extension system that can be used for webcams and other devices up to 30 Mbps.

USB2Air Wireless Extender

USB2Air Wireless Extender

About the Author:


Paul Richards is the Chief Streaming Officer at HuddleCamHD. Paul has over 8 years of experience in the professional audio visual technology world and works closely with engineering to bring the latest tech product launches to the companies avid audience.

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