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USB Video Tech Tools for Education

Are you an educator looking for easy plug and play tools? Are you looking for video recording tools or tools for video Conferencing? Well, this guide is designed to show you some USB tech tool and why they are important in education.

Let us check out some of the USB video tech tools.

USB Technology for Video Recording

USB Technology for Video Recording

This product is basically both a camera and a speaker. The HuddleCamGo serves as a Webcam which can be used in video Conferencing, recording, microphone for your system and a speaker where you can play some of the music from.

This tool is designed to give you an amazing video conference feeling and enhance whatever small meeting you have either in your classroom or with other colleges. It is such a powerful tool which transforms your MacBook,  PC, or Chromium OS computer into a huge video conferencing system. You do not need any kind of drivers or set up. All that is required is just a 2.0 USB cable. With this cable, power is provided, video and also the audio is also supported.  The GO also makes it possible for important drivers to be installed automatically, which can be used in any software of your choice. You can easily travel with this device as it is made with such an amazingly lightweight design. The USB cable is made to ensure secure connections, and you can be sure of clear videos and audios in your meetings and conferences.

The HuddlePod Air

Wireless USB microphone for recording videos

Wireless USB microphone for recording videos

One major feature with this device is that it minimizes the difficult and cumbersome wires which could be littered all over your conference room. This device is designed to provide great audio conferencing. It comes with about 256 channels which provides echo cancellation, which in turn provides for a very clear audio sound production.

It also has a multi-directional microphone and a 2.4GHz of the wireless receiver which provides better service as compared to the Bluetooth.  

The HuddlePod Air is built in a very simple way. Due to its elegance and simplicity, it has been the first choice as a microphone and speaker for use with an online video conferencing software. It has a strong battery life able to carry 7 hours of battery power with universal compatibility. This device has a USB  2.0 connection and a speakerphone which comes with a battery. It can stretch as far as 30 feet, and it is not only completely wireless but also rechargeable.

Other available USB Tech plug and play devices include; Samson Spd1, acoustic magic, phoenix duet, and so on which are very helpful in education.  

There is also the HuddleCamHD 3XA for strict camera sessions, and the HuddleCam HDCam works brilliantly with a microphone.

Compatible video software

Many video software’s are Compatible in the use of these USB tech tools. These software’s includes the

  • Video conferencing software
  • Video production software
  • Video editing software

For video conferencing,  the Zoom video conferencing works perfectly fine with your USB tools, and it is cheap and affordable for educators to use. With live streaming & broadcasting software can record a class lecture or a school play. With the adobe premiere software, you can edit videos and slice it up to focus on the information your student’s needs.

Benefits of USB tech tools for education

  • It is cheap and affordable, and educators would have no problem acquiring them
  • Educators who carry out distant learning for their students have the opportunity to connect to lecture. These tools can also allow for recording which could be beneficial in cases of missed classes
  • It is easy to use,  less cumbersome and makes the area clean by the reduction of so much wiring
  • Teachers can also record meetings during office hours.


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