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SimplTrack New USB Auto Tracking Camera

Season 2 – Episode 1 – Philadelphia, PA – HuddleCamHD® has officially announced the release of a new auto tracking USB conference camera built for the web video conferencing market. The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack includes the ability to autonomously track subjects up to 50 feet away with a powerful 20X optical zoom high definition image. The camera will be unboxed live on YouTube January 6th, 2017, at 10AM PST, 1PM EST.
“After almost four years of customer inquiries we have finally developed what we think is the answer to auto-tracking cameras for video conferencing” says, Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics. “The camera includes almost every feature our customers were asking for including an all-in-one design, on-board SD-Card for storage, IP management and multiple simultaneous video outputs.” The SimplTrack camera is now shipping in the United States and most of North America.

The above video will start streaming live on YouTube January 6th, 2017, at 10AM PST, 1PM EST. Interested end users and audio visual integrators are encouraged to join in the live chat for an open Q&A. The new auto-tracking USB conference camera has been designed to work with both Mac and PC computers using any web video conferencing software including: GoToMeeting, Vidyo, Skype for Business, WebEX and Zoom.

Auto Tracking Camera Video Transcript

Welcome, hello everybody. Paul Richards here with huddlecamhd and I’m excited today because its season one, sorry episode one of season two. It is the first live show we’ve done in 2017 and that means we’re starting a new season here at huddlecam HD. camera demos, live streaming tips and tricks. This is going to be our brand-new auto tracking camera opening of the box and live demo and we’ll give you a brief demo of the interface as well. So we’re really excited about this show. I think you guys are really going to like it. As you may know every live show we donate to charity. So we donate up to twenty dollars per live show. So if you like this video you’re going to add another dollar for the week, subscribe for two dollars and then whoever the maximum amount of live concurrent viewers we add an additional dollar amount to up to 250 dollars. So this simple track camera is going to integrate directly with learning management systems. So if your school out there or someone using blackboard or Kaltura or media solutions or panapto, you can stream directly the video off of this camera, directly to your learning management system. But you can also stream it directly to any web conferencing system because we’re including a USB input. So that you could do GoToMeeting, WebEx, skype all of those software’s are going to work with this. It is really a USB conference camera style auto tracking camera. But we’re also providing hd-sdi for those of you who want to plug it right into a new tech tricaster, a Wirecast gear or anything that uses a professional broadcast system with hd-sdi. It’s a pretty cool little solution. What I’d like to do is go ahead and take the opening of the box video full screen and kind of walk you through what you’re looking at here. Because there’s two versions of this camera. So first of all, you know here’s the product code. It is the HC- simple track. And we’re going to have two versions of this. A ceiling mount version and a tripod mount version. The ceiling that version will have an adapter for wall mounting as well. So there’s your regular 12 volt DC power that’s included with the camera. This is the ceiling mount edition. So it’s got the little Paul mount adapter. so that you could ceiling mount this directly to a drop ceiling and that’s a really great way to put the camera roughly 20 feet away from your subject in a ceiling that is anywhere from eight to feet above the floor. Here’s the camera itself as you can see it has two cameras built-in, there’s a wide angle camera at the base and then a 20x optical zoom. Here you can see the direct SDI and network connections at the bottom and the power connection which is [03:18 inaudible] connector which is very standard. So the SDI is a new thing that we’ve decided to start including in our camera. And the reason why we did that is simply because SDI is one of the most reliable easy ways to extend video over long distances. So what we provide is an SDI frame grabber, which I will show you guys in a moment here and it allows you to simply take in the SDI and convert it to USB 3.0 using a Mac or PC and plug it into your camera. It will be recognized in GoToMeeting, WebEx, and skype whatever web conferencing platform you are using. so let’s take a look at the website as you can see here, here’s the simple track right here when you pull down the drop-down menu it’s that last one there. And you can see here, the idea sheet manual are yet to come. But this camera is now in stock and I have want to show you guys and it will be shipping Q1 meaning any time this month it will be shipping. You can see a couple pictures here and I’m really quickly I don’t think I’m going to show the video. Because I’m going to go ahead and show you guys a live demo. Let’s just look at the features here. 

Optical Zoom w/ Auto Tracking

Learning Management Systems with Auto Tracking Camera

Learning Management Systems with Auto Tracking Camera

Auto tracking, USB 3.0 plug-and-play. Really tight three degree field of view. So this really can go up to 50 to 75 feet from the subject as needed. You can use your favorite web conferencing software and we’ve got some really great installation options for both ceiling mounting, tripod mounting and then wall-mounting to come soon. So that’s really just the basics there. Why don’t I go ahead and show you guys the interface. So this is the interface software that’s available for any windows computer and it allows you to control the camera over the network. So now you’re seeing this will track me right now if I just move over. It will follow me around the room. I’ll do a live demo of the tracking a moment here. But what I wanted to do was go over the software. So as you can see here the software has the ability to go ahead stop tracking for a moment. Okay and just control the camera directly over the network. So I can zoom it in, zoom it out. Here the camera box right there and we can open it up and do it we need to as needed. We can do the focus the arid far IRS basic stuff. We can set and call presets. So for example if I want to set a preset on this box, on the camera box itself here, I would just go to preset one is an important preset. I’ll explain why, but preset two, we’ll go ahead and set and that if we go away from that preset let’s go ahead just test the zoom out baby on something here, what should we test the zoom out? Why don’t we do, [06:36 inaudible] further into the logo here. To really [06:39 inaudible] and then we will go back, here you go. So that’s the maximum zoom. Look out crystal clear that comes through. Super clear. So now if we hit the call button, it’s going to go back to the preset that we said. So that’s how that works. There’s a white balance, and then there’s some advanced settings and I’ll talk about it a little bit as well. Now on the right-hand sides this camera list, if you have multiple cameras on your network you can then, it will populate here in this area. So that’s a really nice feature allow you to easily manage multiple cameras on your network. Now if we go to the Advanced Settings, that’s going to open up both of the far and the it’s actually moved where it was there it is. Ok here’s the advanced settings here. I have to zoom out, just a hair bear with me here. Just a little bit so the whole thing’s, there we go. So in the Advanced Settings we have the ability to choose the video format which we can go all the way up from 720p, 60 to 1080, 60 and all the PAL formats as well. 

Auto Tracking Camera Controls

Video Production Systems with Auto Tracking CameraVideo Production Systems with Auto Tracking Camera

Video Production Systems with Auto Tracking Camera

We could choose the baud rate, we can choose a control protocol [08:06 inaudible] or PELCO and then we can give it a device address as well. Now the track exalt is really the important part here. So what we could do is we could say that certain areas we don’t want it to recognize as a tracking area. For example let’s say there’s a door, there’s a door right there. And let’s say we don’t want people walking in and out of that door to be you know affecting arch for the tracking of our camera. Well now we can just select this area and that door will no longer be part of it. Although for the purposes of what we’re going to be doing a little bit, I’m going to go ahead and select the whole area there. Cause imp going to walk all the way over there back in a live demo in a little bit here. Now there’s also something called a blocking zone. So if I was to say that I do want that whole space, I just want to block this door you can do that as well. So you [09:02 inaudible] 8 blocking zones which makes it a really advanced area so you save it you can you go back and forth from blocking areas as well. Now in the tracking areas here we have the ability, this is one of the fun parts of this, is that we can do auto tilt, auto-zoom, permanent tract and I haven’t currently set for just free track. So what that means is if auto tilt and auto zoom are not in place it’s just going to be going left to right. Auto zoom allows it if you get close to the camera to zoom out. If you are further away from the camera to zoom back in. so we have those features, it really allows you to drill down what your application really needs. What we found is that a lot of educators don’t need to be zooming in and out so much they just needed to follow them left and right and they want to fix the amount of zoom so that they can show for example a blackboard or whiteboard in the view while they’re being tracked automatically by the camera. So there’s reasons for a lot of these features that have taken us a long time to implement. But they’re here now and this is a really great new product. 

Auto Tracking Camera Software

AutoTracking Camera Software

AutoTracking Camera Software

We also have some parameters as far as tracking sensitivity, pan and tilt speed, zoom limit and then a loss timeout. So if it does lose the object completely when and where will it go back to this preset one I have selected as to go back to? Ok so click OK there and we’ll let that be and now you can see here, it’s gone back to the normal settings. Just a couple more things I want to show you the software and then      we’ll go back to, I will do a live demo here. So in the configure section we have the ability to actually stream directly off the camera via rtmp. We’ve got the rtmp port here. We can set up for a static or dynamic IP address. You can see the IP address here, the mask and the Gateway. So it’s best practice to put this camera on your network with the static IP address and that all computers on your network can then see it. Give the camera a name. So that if you have multiple cameras on your network you can then see them all named whether it’s classroom one, two, three or four, we have a simple dating system here. And finally every simple track system is coming with the 64 gigabyte SSD card, sorry SD card. So you can slip it right into the bottom of the camera, I’ll quickly, we are going to break to this part and I want to show here at the end. See that, there should be I guess the SD card is actually internal to the camera and basically it actually gives you 64 gigabytes of space to play with when we’re talking about internal storage on the camera. So there it is there, we can have it manually record. You can access it directly off the camera once the files have been recorded. So let’s go ahead and do a live demo. So when I hit start here it’s going to go back to preset one. Whatever the tracking home preset is, that’s where it’s going to go. So right now it’s going back to that preset. I am connected via an XLR cable so I’m going to have to kind of free this up. So it’s going to follow me. This is my microphone cable back and forth as I move back and forth, that over there. so it’s really really nice and what I’d like to do is what I’m going to do is I’m going to move this camera out of our way and then I’ll use my main camera to show you, this is a 20X camera here. I’m going to plug is going to be in the way of my main camera and I’m going to show you what the camera looks like on the tripod. So [13:09 inaudible] mention there’s a tripod option and there is also a ceiling mount option and a wall mount option is what they are working on currently. so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and take my main camera feed bear with me here and I’m going to pan it over and I’m going to show you guys what it looks like. Okay so let’s switch over to this feed. So this is my main camera feed, turned off the color key and I’m just going to set a preset here so that I can go back to it very easily. Now I’m going to zoom out and show you what the tracking camera looks like as I move around the room. So there’s a tracking camera there. And it will follow me as I move back and forth around the room. You can see it panning and tilting around. So that’s how it works and it is a super affordable USB conference camera with auto tracking built-in. we really think it’s going to be a success. There we go and thank you for watching guys, if you have any questions I’ll [14:39 inaudible] in the chat room. Looks like there’s a couple questions I’ll go ahead and answer right now. So the first question is about price, well I’m not surprised you guys are asking

 About price. Let’s go ahead and pull up the MSRP on this camera. 

AutoTracking Camera Software Options

AutoTracking Camera Software Options

So there’s two prices there publicly added. So there’s MSRP which is 6049 and then there’s what’s called a map of minimum advertised price. I believe that prices is 5495. That does include all the mounting hardware, whether you go for the tripod mount or the ceiling mount and it also includes the 64 gigabyte SD card, a frame grabber and I believe a 25-foot hd-sdi cable. It could be 50 ft. cable. But remember how that works is SDI comes out and you set it all the way to wherever you need to go. It can go up to 300,400 feet no problem and then we plug in the frame grabber there. So that’s why we’ve done that. It’s much more reliable in many USB 3.0 extensions that we’ve had to deal with in the past. So it’s a 20x optical zoom. Someone is asking about the field of view. The field of view for this camera is 60 degrees wide, three degrees when fully zoomed in. so you can see across the room, I was zooming in like a label on this box here. it’s very well zoom and usually the way I think most people are going to use this is that you’re going to get it to the set position [16:18 inaudible] you want doing a lot of zooming it’s more tracking left and right seems to be the main system. 

Now someone’s asking about the IP interface and the networking, does it support rtmp streaming? Yes it does support rtmp streaming and yes you can control the camera over the network. And you can also stream rtmp at the same time. We do not have audio built into the rtmp stream. That is for backup recordings. The main recording is going to come off of your SDI to USB 3.0 connection. So yes this will work directly with skype for business, GoToMeeting, WebEx etc.

So let me just kind of comb through here. There is a couple last things here. Someone’s asking about the frame rates. We do actually support broadcast frame rate. So that means we can do 1080p, 30, 1080p, 60 but we can also do 29.97 and the 59.94 I believe it is. So that this will plug directly into the broadcast systems if you’re using one. But yeah that’s really it. I apologize the manual is not ready. I think it’s just been completed and yes these cameras are ready to ship in Q1. so really excited about that and I believe that wraps everything up and that’s all the time we have, thanks [18:09 inaudible] and if you have any questions just email to sales and take care everybody thanks for watching episode one of season two [Music]


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