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Introducing The HuddleCamHD HuddlePair

The HuddlePair is the newest addition to the HuddleCamHD line. This product combines the best in class wireless HuddlePod Air speakerphone used for conferences and large meetings with a new wide angle USB conference camera. The HuddlePair is made up of a wireless USB speakerphone technology together with a Webcam which is designed with a wide-angle field of view. These two features let it create a comfortable wireless video collaboration that fits within your budget. There is a combination of Webcam and wireless speakerphone which can be used during conferences as it is able to secure connections with any kind of software application and does not require extra proprietary conditions or hard-drive.

Generally, all cameras in the HuddleCamHD line are very much compatible with plug and play. It connects very easily to your devices like a MacBook, Chrome book, or a PC. They allow video conferencing over the web and are compatible with applications like GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom or WebEx. It also has an amazing connection and can be used to stream live Facebook videos. To set up this device, all you need is a single USB 2.0 cable. This device supports the USB 2.0 because it is less expensive to get the cabling and it does not need a quad-core processor before it gives off an optimal performance.Once it is connected, the wireless speakerphone can be conveniently positioned on the meeting room table; the camera does not need extra support to mount onto any LCD monitor available.

Webcam with quarter twenty mounting slot

Webcam with quarter twenty mounting slot

Maybe your meeting space was not initially constructed to accommodate video conferencing; you can adjust the camera. All you need to do is to move the camera’s swivel mounting system, and then you can set the angle you choose, whether or not your LCD monitor was mounted at the center. The HuddlePair camera is made to cover a wide angle with 120° field of view, which means it is capable of capturing your entire room. If you have a large number of people taking part in the conference, then you don’t have to huddle everyone together as this device is capable of capturing multiple numbers of participants in the meeting room at a close range to the camera. The HD video camera is also very clear as it can be used to make High Definition video conferences and recording. This High Definition video format with lossless 3X optical zoom allows you to be close enough to see and make interactions with your group without stress.

You also do not have to worry about speech detection because the wireless speakerphone comes with an omnidirectional microphone which can pick up sound range up to 360° in your meeting space while also using it’s 256 different channels of echo cancellations to make the sound better.

The intelligent noise cancellation can remove disturbances of up to 16 decibels to make sure your meeting sounds as crystal clear as possible.

There is also an intuitive button interface found on the bottom of the wireless Huddle Pod Air with which the meeting participants can mute the conversations held in the meeting for privacy level or adjust the speaker volume during the meeting.

All HuddleCamHD products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years to cover any manufacturer’s defects that show up within those two years but does not cover damage caused by the user.

The HuddlePair will provide you with the perfect video conferencing experience for all your online meetings.


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