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Slack Integration Playlist #Slack integration’s for #video Conferencing

Slack integration’s with Video Conferencing Services

This is a introduction video to slack integration options for video conferencing service providers such as Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom Video Conferencing. We have structured this video series as “choose your own adventure” allowing users to determine which path they are most interested in learning about. We have a unique video for google hangouts integration with Slack, Skype integration with Slack and Zoom video conferencing. As a bonus we included two videos on integration with Google Analytics and YouTube channel information. Learn how to pull graphical information directly from Google Analytics into Slack and launch video calls easily directly from slack.

Slack Integration with Google Hangouts

slack with hangouts

In this video series we are covering various ways to launch video conference calls directly from Slack. This Slack integration for Google Hangouts is a great way to simply notify your team about Hangouts you want them to join. This integration is super simple and it should be available in all channels as a simple slash command. If your team uses Google Hangouts and Slack this is a must have integration. The ease of launching a video conferencing meeting in Slack is unparalleled for Slack users.

Slack Integration with Skypeslack with Skype

The Slack integration with Skype is super simple! It is actually available by default in the directory. If you would like your slack users to have simple access to launching Skype calls with other users simply notify your team to add their Skype handle into Slack on their profile page. In this video Paul Richards will review how easy it is to add your Skype account to your Slack account profile. This integration is available to anyone without needed any additional setup.

Slack Integration with Zoom Video Conferencing

slack zoom videoIn this video we demonstrate how to integrate Zoom video conferencing service with Slack. It’s a great way to simply launch and join Zoom video conference calls directly from the Slack interface. To set up this integration you will first have to login to your Zoom dashboard and tell Zoom your Slack team name. This can be found in top right of your Slack application. You will then need to visit the Slack integration page and set up your Zoom slack integration. Once this is done you can use the Slack Slash commands to simply launch and join zoom video calls from any channel. This integration is not a Slack bot so you can easily access the command from any channel.

Slack Integration with Google Analytics and YouTube Channel Stats

Learn how to integration Slack with Google Analytics and pull useful information about your website and other web properties such as a YouTube Channel. In this video we Statsbot a great slackware bot for integration with Google Analytics. We demonstrate how to invite this bot to your Slack Channel and use it to pull reports from your Google Analytics channel.

slack with analyticsIntegrating Slack to pull information about your YouTube channel analytics is quite easy. We use a bot called “Statsbot” which allows your Slack team integration with your Google Analytics accounts. To pull information from your Google Analytics accounts about your YouTube Channel you will need to set up tracking of your YouTube account in Google Analytics. Once this is done your “Statsbot” will have access to any metric available in Google Analytics. From Slack you can then create and schedule graphical metrics directly into Slack channels. The “Statsbot” can use a single google analytics property per Slack channel. So if you have multiple google properties e.g. one website, one youtube channel and another website you will need to set up a Slack channel for each. From here you will need to invite the “Statsbot” to each channel and set up the slack bot to operate with the given Google Analytics property. You can then schedule graphical data to be displayed weekly, monthly and more directly into your Slack Channel.

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