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Hello Everyone!

It’s been an amazing year in 2016! Every year we ask around the office and vote for the best predictions for the upcoming year. Here are our predictions for 2017 and how we did in 2015 trying to predict 2016!

Our Video Conferencing Industry Predictions for 2017:


2017 Predictions for the video conferencing industry
We thought it would happen in 2016, but increasing pressure from end users will force video conferencing companies to integrate directly with YouTube and Facebook Live to extend meeting reach to thousands…
Software is finally going to replace Hardware ONLY solutions. Companies focusing on there software/cloud solutions will win out by leveraging DIY and installation companies putting in best of breed components to build custom solutions.
Every Webinar will include some type live stream connection to maximize exposure.
Hardware based video conferencing codecs officially died in 2016. 2017 will be the year of software based codecs and we predict the Intel NUC will be a major winner in this new “soft-codec” market
Live Streaming via Social Media will Expand and Grow…
As live streaming goes main stream, thousands of new use cases for video conferencing (hosting a live talk show with video) will start to become popular.
Expensive Webinar packages will decline in popularity as live streaming with a simple video conferencing license will take it’s place.
Facebook is rumored to be releasing a live streaming application for PC and Mac. YouTube will replace “Google Hangouts on Air” with it’s own easy to use application as well… Features will lack at first but they will serve millions of newbies….
Cloud based video conferencing is finally on the horizon.. In 2017, we are going to see cloud based video production take off. Switchboard Live, and Easy Live are the first companies we have seen in this space….
Wireless technology for all kinds of devices will make installation of video conferencing products easier… Wireless USB? Wireless HDMI? Wireless HD-SDI? We are going to see more solutions come in 2017
Every Webinar will include some type live stream connection to maximize exposure.

Let’s see how we did in 2016:


2016 Predictions & Answers Video Conferencing Industry

Rating Details
YouTube Live will become a major live streaming player. Video Conferencing providers will create integrations to live stream video conference calls for larger audiences to view important meetings such as: Town Halls, Webinar and Public Announcements.
Review: B YouTube and now Facebook (which we never predicted) are becoming dominate forces in video communicaiton. “Conference Streaming” is becoming more popular but video conferencing services have not adopted video conferencing probably becuase it is conflicts with larger/expensive webinar packages currently offered
Video Conferencing providers such as Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom will continue to build out integrations for Skype for Business. Skype for Business will remain a large player in the market but features will lack the innovation of smaller startups like Zoom…
Review: C Skype for Business is now being rebranded (again) as Skype Teams. With the rise of popular team communications platforms such as Cisco Spark and Slack, Skype seems to be on a new path. Zoom has released a native Skype for Business integration but others have not followed this path.
More affordable web conferencing solutions like Skype for Business and Zoom.US gain larger market share as GoToMeeting and WebEX slowly lose market dominance… We expect some consolidation and major buyouts. Cisco purchases Acano for $700+ Million. Who will Polycom purchase in 2015 to remain competitive?
Review: A This has certainly happened….
New technologies for video conferencing reduce the bandwidth requirements and allow “low bandwidth” areas to access video conferencing. TeleMedicine will take advantage of this to service 3rd world countries.
Review: A VSee and other low bandwidth video conferencing specialist platforms are helping grow video communication adoption in low bandwidth areas. Facebook announces plans to “beam” interenet around the world bringing millions online for the first time.
We thought 4K and 5K live streaming/video conferencing would happen in 2015. While live streaming in 4K is possible, video conferencing in 4K is just overkill. Google Fiber will help and 5G mobile connection will too. But 4K video conferencing will not happen in 2016 for most markets.
Review: B YouTube announces 4K live streaming (support for 4K video on-demand was announced years previously)… Vidyo supports 5K but most other platforms remain 720p or 1080p.
Video Conferencing will be used as a way to reduce Corporate Carbon Footprints. Environmental policies and travel reduction campaigns will gain more traction and look to video conferencing as a solution…
Review: C With the president elect Donald J. Trump, many environmentalists are concerned about priorities. While video conferencing does reduce travel in businesses, it seems like the environmental motivations are less important than the cost savings.
In 2015, we saw Zoom video conferencing add wireless presentation into their service. More video conferences service will follow. It is a powerful feature and seemingly easy to integrate.
Review: A It’s becoming more popular for video conferencing users to connect a laptop to the meeting in order to “wirelessly” share content.
Web Conferencing was originally designed for the desktop experience. Again Zoom has lead the way inventing a room based solution for video conferencing. Other solutions such as BlueJeans, Cisco WebEX and other will soon follow 2016
Review: A The only conferencing software we have seen to create a “Zoom Room” like application is TrueConf. TrueConf has one-upped Zoom by offering a solution for starting/controlling meetings from any device.

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