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Phoenix Audio joins HuddleCamHD in an exclusive YouTube Live event February 3rd, 2017

Philadelphia, PA – HuddleCamHD announces today that Phoenix Audio the professional audio conferencing manufacturer will sponsor this weeks live product giveaway. This live stream will be available exclusively on YouTube Live on February 3rd at 10AM pacific and 21PM eastern standard time. Live viewers will have the chance to win one of three Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphones which offers USB connectivity for virtually any web-based video conferencing software.

Zachary Flanagan, AV Account Manager at Phoenix Audio will be present during the live show with host Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer at HuddleCamHD. The interview will also include Jonathan Boaz, VP of Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Audio who will provide a live demo of the company’s latest products including the new beam forming microphone array the Condor.

“Phoenix Audio has surprised the industry with competitive price points and forward-thinking features such as USB call bridging with traditional necessities like SIP and PSTN audio conferencing.” says Richards. “The live Condor at the 2016 Phoenix Audio Infocomm booth had the entire show in awe.”

The above video will start streaming live on YouTube February 3rd, 2017, at 10AM PST, 1PM EST. Interested end users and audio visual integrators are encouraged to join in the live chat for an open Q&A. Viewers can also enter to win one of three Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphones here:

Phoenix Audio Live Show Transcript

Thanks for tuning into this youtube exclusive HuddleCamhD LIVE for meetings that matter.

Phoenix Audio Conferencing

Phoenix Audio Conferencing

Thanks for tuning in to this youtube exclusive HuddleCamhD LIVE for meetings that matter.

Paul Richards: Hello everybody Paul Richards here with a special episode. Jonathan is coming in from sunny California. How is the weather there?
Jonathan Boaz: You would have hope tit would have been sunnier today, but we have no problems to complain over here. Everything is all good today
Paul Richards: Everyone who is watching out there, we donate to charity every single live show. For every like that we get we donate a dollar to an association who is helping children to get adopted. Our channel team just released a live-stream where they go over our channel initiative. Zack is part of the team, actually, so reach out to him. The first thing I want to do to kick this off, we are going to give away 2 Phoenix audio and we are saving one for our FB live on Monday. You can enter to win below: you have to be watching live to win, so if you are not watching live, we will pick a new winner until we get a proper person. We are going to start of with a lightning ground to get to know Jonathan better.

Getting to know Phoenix Audio

Paul Richards: We don’t go easy here. Alright, tell us this. Coffee or tea?
Jonathan Boaz: Coffee.
Zach Flanagan: Definitely coffee.
Paul Richards: Mac or pc?
Jonathan Boaz: probably pc I have to say.
Paul Richards: iPhone or android?
Jonathan Boaz: Well that is iPhone for sure.
Zach Flanagan: He is conflicted.
Paul Richards: What is your favorite book?
Jonathan Boaz: That is a hard one. There is a book called “predictably irrational”. It’s about how our psychology affects our economical decisions in life. It’s an easy read.
Paul Richards: we are almost out of time, but I just want to ask you. If you go back in history, where would you go?
Jonathan Boaz: I don’t know if I can pick… I am a huge sports fan, so it is hard to say. I think game seven, I think it was 2002, Lakers-Blazers. I’d love to be there.
Zach Flanagan: Very nice.
Paul Richards: First time on the show, I try to fit Zach in. So, Jonathan you have 60 seconds for each topic here. Give us an introduction to Phoenix audio

Audio Conferencing Solutions

Audio Conference Solutions

Audio Conference Solutions

Jonathan Boaz: So, ok, here in 60 seconds. Phoenix audio is an audio solutions company. We provide devices or environments. The key aspect that everybody should know about our products is that we are easy to install, simple to use. It is really friendly for the users and in addition to that, we always try to provide really high quality audio, so we don’t compromise on that. We have a over 30 years background in audio engineering, so our engineering have done them all.
Paul Richards: Wonderful. So, tell us: what is new at Phoenix audio?
Jonathan Boaz: I think the latest and greatest novelty would be our condor microphone array. We have few products that will be coming out in the next 2 months, so people can stay tuned to see that stuff. We have introduced our smart spider en-light. The reason for that is mostly around either aesthetically pleasing for the end user, so there are a lot of conference room with a modern look, and I would say for our sealing mounting functionality.

Ceiling Mounting Phoenix Audio Spiders

Ceiling Mounting the Phoenix Audio Smart Spider

Ceiling Mounting the Phoenix Audio Smart Spider

Paul Richards: I apologize for this footage, but since you mentioned it.
Zach Flanagan: I have to apologize, I am not a videographer, but you get the point: super easy to install
Paul Richards: Super easy to install, that is the new white spider.
Zach Flanagan: We will have a white ceiling coming out, they will be shipping in a week or two.
Jonathan Boaz: I think an important point about that is: a lot of times users run into rooms, where they have moving table and the only alternative the end user has is to go buy an audio mixer, put microphone in the ceiling and speakers around the room. Having the ability to just sealing mount our smart spider in the sealing does all the echo canceling and audio processing and you can cover any space doing that.

Phoenix Audio Conder Review

Phoenix Audio CONDOR

Phoenix Audio CONDOR

Paul Richards: Such a great product. Can you talk about the Condor? The Condor is a beam-forming microphone, right?
Jonathan Boaz: Exactly, the Condor is a product designed for, think about those conference rooms, where the requirement is not to have anything on the table. So, the Condor is a solution that provides both your USB for your video conference application, whatever you may be using, it can access it easily and it can also act as your actual phone in the room and eliminates everything on the table. How it works? It has 15 microphone’s elements within it and has multiple beams that are working in the room to recognize voice and we have a lot of different use cases taken into consideration. We have also what we call “close proximity beam”. A typical asked question: “what is the distance?”. We recommend to use it in rooms up to 30 feet in distance, so large majority of rooms its a great fit for it and it can just be put on the monitor and it covers the all conference room.

Phoenix Audio Spider Review

Phoenix Audio Technologies Markets

Phoenix Audio Technologies Markets

Paul Richards: Cool. Let’s go to the spider. It is an incredible powerful product. We have been doing about spider today. Tell us more.
Jonathan Boaz: So, the spider is a product line that comes in three different labors. The most basic version comes with a USB connectivity, so it will be your speaker for video conference. What is great about it is that it allows you to have just a single cable running into it for power communication. You can plug in with USB communication or via power hub, which will provide power to multiple units. Has 4 microphones built into it and it’s just a high-quality speaker phone. For conference room, can be ceiling mounted. The other 2 products are our conference room version. They have the USB connectivity and either a sip phone line or an analog phone line built into them. You can easily bridge between the 2. There is no need for any ridges to have someone joining the conversation. About the USB version, it also has smart connection, which allows you to connect it into your smartphone. One more cool feature is that it is easily interchangeable and can cover large space with that. You can cover any size room.

USB and SIP Dialing

ProAV Channel team

ProAV Channel team

Paul Richards: That is incredible. Such a big fan of this. Tell us about industry trends and then I want to ask you about web conferencing.
Jonathan Boaz: I think the biggest trend has to be transition to soft conferencing. I think the spaces where video conferencing is happening, as well as environment is changing. Now video conferencing is open to every employee within an organization, so desktop is being utilize a lot more. Smaller spaces, where people can go to have a really quick meeting and talk to someone on the other side of the world is really key. The open space model of work environment is creating some new collaboration areas which you just a little living room and people sit around and do meetings.
Paul Richards: Very interesting. Do you want to add something Zach?
Zach Flanagan: No he covered everything.
Paul Richards: you guys have had some of the coolest combos. What can we expect in 2017?

What’s new from Phoenix Audio in 2017?

Zach Flanagan: This is a topic. Our products are named after animals and we decided to actually have a condor, which is one of the largest birds in the world and we had i at our booth. So, for king Edward, that was its name, he shows up for work and everybody loved it. It adds a little bit of flavour to a technology conference. It was a hit, I must say.

Infocomm 2017

Jonathan Boaz: It was pretty exciting and we were fortunate that we were able to partner with that organization, that their mission is to save condors in the US. I think we were able to help them and people that see a real condor live were very excited. We are coming out with a new product and we are continuing the tradition to name it after an animal and hopefully we will be able to continue the tradition.
Paul Richards: Cool. I am not going to be there, because I am expecting a baby around that time.

Easy to use, Easy to Install

Jonathan Boaz: I think you can expect good things. We have a really strong focus on sticking to our mission, which is around “easy to use and easy to install”. We see with different aspects where and how the video conferencing is going. You need to be able to provide products, able to suit user’s interface. Our next generation of products will continue that and will be able to provide content for the user base, because at the end of the day I think it is a good period for video conferencing. Video conferencing used to be a thing for really high-end people, but now it’s available to everybody. I think it is really exciting that everybody is using video conferencing in every aspect of their life and they want to see that type of quality in the work environment. So, I think you are going to see cool stuff from Phoenix.
Paul Richards: Amazing. I am going ahead and roll the credits. Here we go with the live give away!

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