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Free Guide Hosting Free Webinars with Skype and YouTube Live

Howdy friends and followers! I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a “how to” article about setting up free webinars for a while now. We stopped using services GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom Webinar for a long time now, because they charge way too much money and reduce our overall ability to reach new audiences. In this blog post, I will review our tried and true method for hosting free webinars on the YouTube Live platform with the video conference software of your choice.

free webinar equipment

free webinar equipment

Benefits of hosting webinars on YouTube Live:

  1. Boost Total Viewers – World’s second largest search engine with unparalleled audience size
  2. Audience Retention – Reduce the time it takes attendee’s to get started (no download needed) means they will have more time for what’s really important… your presentation.
  3. Repeat Attendance – YouTube is built for building communities. There is no better platform for growing your subscriber base.

What you need to set up free webinars with unlimited participants:

  1. A computer with i5 processor (i7 Recommended… Latest Intel NUC’s work great!)
  2. A Dual Monitor setup
  3. A webcam and microphone (HuddleCam and HuddlePod Air suggested)
  4. A Skype account
  5. A YouTube account
  6. Free Streaming Software (Open Broadcaster Software)
Benefits of todays webinars

Benefits of todays webinars

As you can see this setup is fairly simple and many of our customers already have most of this equipment in their conference spaces. The dual monitor portion is perhaps the most important because our setup will rely on a screen capture of our Skype session.

FeaturesGoToWebinarWebEX Event CenterZoom WebinarSkype / YouTube/Facebook Live
Email AutomationYesYesYesYes, but complement w/ HubSpot, Marketo ect…
Mobile SupportYesYesYesYes
Multiple PresentersYesYesYesPrivate video call broadcasts to many
Lead ManagementYesYesYesNo, Use HubSpot, Marketo ect…
Custom BrandingYesYesYesYes
Audience InteractionYesYesYesYes
Presentor Count6Yes5025
Network SecurityYesYesYesYes
PRICE per Month
100 Attendees$89Call for Price$40FREE
500 Attendees$199Call for Price$140FREE
1000 Attendees$429 (2000 attendees)Call for Price$340FREE
3000 Attendees$429 (2000 attendees)Call for Price$990FREE
5000 AttendeesCall for PriceCall for Price$2,490FREE
10000 AttendeesCall for PriceCall for Price$6,490FREE

The comparison chart above shows that all the core features offered by these services are available for FREE with our Skype/YouTube combination. The only main benefit is that companies like Zoom offer is making the setup “dummy proof”. I don’t feel like our setup is overly complicated but I run webinars all the time and could see why a paid service makes sense in certain scenarios.

The main reasons why companies pay thousands for webinar services is because they are already using a service such as Zoom for face to face video conferencing and it just makes life easy to upgrade that account to include webinar access no matter the price. The other main benefit for these expensive webinar packages is that the events can be completely private. While YouTube does offer “unpublished” events, the power of the YouTube Live is the platform is the public facing exposure.

Benefits of YouTube

Hosting Webinars with YouTube

Hosting Webinars with YouTube

YouTube’s major benefit is the community and the exposure offered. None of the above-mentioned services can your next webinar in front of more viewers than places such as YouTube and Facebook. Not only do CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks) such as Facebook and YouTube offer massive exposure opportunities, they also offer built-in promotional services. We regularly “boost” our live events to increase our audience reach and promote our organic search engine optimization.

Final Thoughts on Hosting Free Webinars:

We stopped paying for expensive webinar packages a very long time ago. Check out some of our live webinars hosted every Friday on YouTube and/or Facebook to see what the user experience is like. No downloads, no installation packages… Just easy to use, user friendly webinars that drive leads and generate interest for our business. Download our free guide available below and feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts about our process.

Free Guide:

Live Show Transcript


Hello, hello, hello everyone Paul Richards here with HuddleCamHD and in this video we’re going to show you how to host free webinars using Skype and either YouTube live or Facebook live. The prices that companies are charging for webinars are extremely expensive. And a lot of people just don’t know how to use Skype with a live streaming software and therefore live stream webinars for free. So I have a little off presentation here that we’re going to go over and just stick with me here it’s going to be a really informative presentation. So for a long time I’ve meant to sit down and write a how-to article about setting up free webinars. And we stopped using services like GoToMeeting, WebEx and zoom for a very long time because they charge way too much money and they reduce our overall ability to reach new audiences. So in this video we’re going to show you our tried-and-true method for hosting free webinars on You Tube live and Facebook live using any videoconferencing software of your choice. So the basic set up here is that you have two monitors. So you have your main monitor where you have a decent computer with live streaming software and then on your second monitor, which I’m going to show you all of this live, is you have Skype or another videoconferencing software and you simply use a desktop capture and a virtual audio cable which I’ll show you how to do, to capture that videoconference audio and video and then extreme it to the cloud. And you stream it to You Tube or Facebook in 1080p, maybe 720p and now thousands and thousands of can watch your live show. So you do need one camera and two microphone. One microphone for your live show and one microphone so that the people on the far end can hear you. You can actually use just one camera because you’re far end you can actually allow them to see the show, we’ll talk about that.

Video Conferencing Camera

Video Conferencing Camera

Hosting Webinars with YouTube & Facebook Live

The benefits of this is you’re going to be able to boost your total viewers. So You Tube is the world’s second largest search engine. There’s a billion users using it daily and there is just unparalleled audience sizes on You Tube and Facebook, when you look at you know the audience size of let’s sat go to webinar or zoom webinar, where people don’t really know what that is so much not as common. And it requires a download that can take a lot of time and really create a barrier to entry for a lot of our, at least our audience. So your audience retention will also go up because we’re going to reduce the time it takes attendees to get started. There’s no download needed. And you get more time to get down to what’s really important.

Webinars and Video Conferencing

So let’s talk about the definition of a webinar. So if you type in a webinar in the Wikipedia. It’s going to say, web conferencing may be used as an umbrella term for various online collaboration services or web seminars, quote and quote “webinars.” So that’s really what it is. It’s a web-based seminar. And there’s no reason why using videoconferencing software and streaming it to world that wouldn’t be classified as a webinar. When you look at the definition of live streaming, we’re now talking, you get directed to streaming media, which is a multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider that would be the person hosting the seminar, hosting this video call. In fact, you may not even need to do a videoconference if it’s a strictly one-way live broadcast to the world that could replace the need for even using videoconferencing software. The only reason why we would use videoconferencing software is if we’re bringing in remote guest or additional panelist on our webinar. So the only good things can come from combining these two emerging technologies. So what do we need for our set up here? We need a computer with at least an I5 processor, highly recommending I7 with the latest Intel computers are great for this. Great role for thumb, if you’re going to do 1080p, you definitely need an I7. If you’re okay with 720, you could probably get away with an I5. We need a dual monitor set up. You need two monitors connected to your computer for this to work. One for your videoconferencing software, one for your streaming software. Now if you don’t need the videoconferencing and you’re just going to do a one-way broadcast quote on quote “webinar” to the world? You do not need a second monitor. So you can actually skip that step. One webcam, one microphone. Technical you need two if you’re going to do videoconferencing. So think about that. So the Huddle Pad Air is a great solution for that because it’s completely wireless. That’s what I’m whether we’re going to do a videoconference on Skype today. A Skype account You Tube account and then a free streaming software such as open broadcaster. So the set up that we’re going to show is 100% free. It’s amazing how much they charge for webinar services when you can achieve the same goal and get actually better results and I’m not kidding when I say better results. You’re going to get better results when you use this because you’re going to reach a larger audience. You’re not going to have to pay anything at all and you’re going to be able to really really start off on the right foot when it comes to optimizing for You Tube and Facebook, where that content is actually going to get seen by your customers.

So, I’m going to walk you through the setup before we do a live demo. You’re going to set up your computer and you’re little display. You’re going to connect your USB camera and microphones. Install skype if it’s not already installed. Set up your YouTube live event or use your YouTube live or Facebook streaming credentials. You’re going to install open broadcaster and install virtual audio cable. So that only needs to happen once. Once that’s done this will be very very easy to do, but you do need to get everything installed on your windows or mac machine. Now the standard workflow, alright so let’s assume that everything has been installed. You open up your broadcasting software, you start skype and you set up a desktop capture of your Skype call for your audio and video to be streamed to the world, pretty simple right? Then you invite your skype participants or skip skype completely if it’s a one-way broadcast. I’m going to show a two way broadcast where I’m going to bring in a colleague of mine, Patrick Herbian in a little bit here because we want to show this as a complete replacement for all these expensive webinar packages, not just to one way broadcast. Use one microphone with Skype and one for your live broadcast. The higher-quality one would be for your broadcasting because that’s being recorded and streamed. You know the one that’s going to the far end you could use anything. Start your broadcasting early and invite your audience to the You Tube page or embedded video on your website or your Facebook page. That’s really it.



Webinar vs Live Stream Experience

So what are we doing here? So we’re making life easier for your webinar viewers. No need to do any download. So this is going to boost your total views, boost your audio retention and boost your repeat attendance if you were setting up a weekly show or something that’s going to be shown on a regular basis because there is nothing like You Tube or Facebook that’s built for building communities. That’s the cornerstone on which these platforms are built on. That’s why they’re so effective for not only live streaming but building an audience that’s going to come back and forward. This is the tutorial video. So we’re watch this now. We compared every major service. So, go to webinar, WebEx, zoom webinar with our free method and I’m just going to spend a second here on this because I think it’s important. As you can see here, go to webinar, one of the main things that they offer is this email automation. And I am going to argue that that email automation that go to webinar and WebEx and zoom offer, yes it’s nice but honestly, doesn’t your marketing company want to use what they already used for email marketing, such as hub spot or markedo or any of the other platforms that they are already natively using? I don’t understand why that feature, I mean I understood why the feature is there in case someone has no email automation at all, but even if they did offer, I personally wouldn’t use it because I’ve already got hotspot and I’m very happy with it. So mobile support, yes across the board, multiple presenters yes across the board. Again with this system we’re going to show you, you can use any videoconferencing software. So you’re not tied to a single one. The multiple presenters, yes you can have as many presenters as you want. Lead management, so they consider this management and custom branding of feature, again I would rather use my marketing automation system that I already am paying for, rather than have to deal with two systems. Recording, yes everything is recorded for free on You Tube. You have to pay extra for go to webinar, for WebEx and for zoom.

Webinar pricing

Now the present account can change, that’s based on the videoconferencing software that you’re using. Go to webinar offer 6 HD faces. WebEx I wasn’t exactly sure it was hard to say but zoom offers 50 and with Skype you get 25 for free. They all have some layer of network security and then here’s the pricing down here. Look at what you have to pay for 10,000 attendees with zoom, $6000 a month. Are you serious? It’s absolutely free to do that with Skype and You Tube is going to give you SEO benefits okay. They are going to give you view counts, they are going to give you watch time for your You Tube ac

Platform Size and Strategy

Platform Size and Strategy

count, which is going to count for the SEO in the future that you should be likely thinking about building. So that’s our comparison chart. The overall jest of this, is that the cost of video equipment is going down, the value of video content is continually going up. So there is a massive business opportunity here and when we start hosting our webinars with live streaming we can now reach large audiences globally, give your content a sense of urgency, huge opportunity here for marketing. We can do live customer engagement and social media optimization, which you really can’t do with the other platforms until you upload those recorded webinars on GoToMeeting and WebEx, which is kind just adding additional step to the whole process. So we’re boosting the total viewers and that’s something that I think is really important and we have organic optimization on the world’s second-largest search engine, just unparalleled audience opportunity here. Visual media is one of the most powerful tools, I just want to mention here and using You Tube just reduces the barrier of entry just not again having your audience to have, basically your audience has to download a client that’s always different and it’s just kind of annoying.


Platform Size and User Base Considerations

So we talked about everything now. Let’s go ahead and dig into a final couple of slides here. Look at the size of YouTube versus just Skype users. You Tube as over a billion users. Skype has 300 million but it’s not built for on demand and video viewing afterwards. So even Comcast, Netflix, Hulu, Verizon add them all up, none of them come close to the audience size of You Tube and Facebook as well, which is not on here. So we’ve hosted over a hundred webinars compiled a ton of data from and found that using this new way of large streaming your webinars is going to increase your audience by at least three times. We found 10 times when you combined the webinar platform and You Tube live. So it’s very very interesting, don’t forget to take a look at it, we’ve got a free guide and a little tip on calculating the average cost per lead on what your ROI is. Of course when this free it’s pretty nice but download our free guide here to host your own free webinars with You Tube live. Now I want to talk to Pat. Pat are you here?

Pat: Yes I am here.

Paul: Hey Pat thanks for being here. So what I’m showing right now is just a simple, simple Skype call. Pat is calling with me, I’m calling with him. Just a simple Skype call right pat?

Pat: Yeah.

Paul: And I did a little test, a little research and found that Skype can actually support up to 25 callers completely for free. So something to think about. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to show everyone how to live stream the videoconference because that’s what we’re really talking about right Pat?

Pat: Yep and I think a lot of this comes into more of your panel like discussions.

Paul: So let’s go over here now and here is my Skype and the first thing I want to show is my audio settings here. I’m going to turn. Can you talk again Pat?

Pat: Yeah, I’m talking right now.

Paul: I turned you up a little bit, you were coming in a little low. So this essentially, so I have a microphone, I have my Huddle Pad Air, my microphone going to Pat and my speakers are coming through a virtual audio cable and we’re not going to show you how to download that. I’ll put a link below. There is a free software I believe called virtual audio cables you can test and then I believe it’s like $15 permanently if you think you’re going to use it. And then you could see, Pat give me some more audio.

Example for Live Streaming a Video Conference

Paul: So you can see here that Pat’s audio is coming through there and I’m pulling it into my live streaming software, which I’ll show next. So that’s our audio and that’s our audio set up just so you know. So we’re pulling a desktop capture very standard. I’m capturing the video through a very standard desktop capture directing the audio through a virtual audio cable into my broadcast. So now I’ve got my audio and video into my broadcast. I’m using a chromakey and other things. I don’t have time to review all of that, but Pat’s here to kind of testify on how this all works. So now what I want to show you guys is streaming to Facebook and You Tube. So You Tube as a live streaming tab here that you can click and it’s going to take me to…oops so I’m going to do my personal one here and that’s only because there is a little issue with my You Tube live streaming account right now. But normally here is my personal account. If you go to live streaming, you can type in your event name there and you can download your RTMP information and your stream key. Okay so I’ll reveal this, never show anyone this. I’m now going to have to reset it because I’ve show it to you, that’s your personal, that’s it hide, that’s it reset. I’ll have to reset and hide that later because someone could literally broadcast to my account by using that. So you can either stream right to here, which is in beta still or you can actually go in here and you can stream to a standard event. So I’ll create event here. Creating a new event and I can create an event here and it will give me all my streaming information. For the purposes today I would actually like to stream the Facebook because I think it’s a very up-and-coming one here. So here is my Facebook account and if we go to publishing tools here, we go to video library. You can actually click the live button there and they’re going to give you again a url and a stream kit.

Using Skype on a Live Stream

So we’ve already set up Skype. I’m on a Skype call with Pat everything is looking good. I’m just going to take this information here, put it in my streaming software and we’re going to run with it. Now let me show you what my streaming software looks like, so here it is here. Again all it’s going to ask for is exactly what we’re getting right here. Our Facebook information, our server. So I’m going to type in and or stream key. This is the same no matter what software you’re using. So I’m going to start a stream in 1080p as you can see here to Facebook and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using wire cast or vemex, or tricaster or open broadcast as we mentioned. All of those will work with this platform. So that’s the way live stream. So I’m not going to go live because that would notify all of my followers immediately that were life but I guess I won’t do that just because. Hopefully this make sense to everybody. I hope I did a full review of this, but technically. I mean that’s how you stream live. I hope this as been a good overview for everybody. It is going to save a lot of money for a lot of our customers and that’s what we’d like to do here. We’ve like you. It’s time-saving, money-saving ideas, for videoconferencing of live streaming. And this is a great one. Hey Pat thanks for been on the call today.

Pat: Yeah no problem just make sure it’s on the discriminate that a lot of the stuff is still beta. So if it changes and the near future, I’m sure we’ll do an update video about that.

Paul: Yeah I mean YouTube has been live streaming now for like 2 ½ years. They consider it still in beta just to cover their tracks, but it is very, very new and very, very great. Facebook is even newer. They just came out in 2016 with their live streaming platform. We use it every week and it works great. We have a free guide below to walk you through all of this and it’s been about 20 minute video. So hopefully we’ve reviewed everything that’s important. We are giving you a free guide on how to do this and there’s a complete blog post and that’s everything everybody. I hope it will work for you. If you have any questions just let us know, have a nice day.

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