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Live Streaming with Zoom Webinar

Live Streaming With Zoom Webinar

Paul Richards:  Zoom webinar users can now live stream to both YouTube and Facebook, we are going to talk about that today and we are also going to talk about some comments that we’ve been receiving from you guys about Zoom video conferencing in particular, we think with this new live streaming feature inside Zoom which you can’t even find on their website yet. Super new, you have to have Zoom 4.0. We’ll go over all the details later in this video, but we want to answer some of the initial questions and comment that you guys have had about this new feature, but first Tess is going to call out some of our latest subscribers.

Zoom Webinars on YouTube Live

Zoom Webinars on YouTube Live

Tess Protesto:  Yes, as we introduced last week we want to start a little bit at the beginning of every of one of our shows where we show some love to our recent followers so we pulled it up for you. Brengt Littorin, Ayman Rezk, Kamil Kurek, David Fearing and David Simon, thank you guys for following us.

Paul Richards:  so we’ve actually got 2 comments from ValseMusic here. The first one he’s talking about how they put in a green muslin screen in order to use the brand new zoom virtual background feature, we’ve got a lot of experience with green screens and I kind of wanted to take this moment to show you guys our set because I think a lot of zoom webinar users, a lot of zoom video conferencing users are going to want to start doing something a little cooler, a little bit more fun to add that production value and Tess is going to tell us a little bit about how we set this system up for zoom live streaming and zoom webinars, and I was almost thinking maybe I could show our green screen, how would that work?

Tess Protesto:  Yeah, you can get that started if you’d like

Paul Richards:  Here is the remote control, you can zoom out and show everybody that.

Tess Protesto:  Alrighty, so first of all I’ll just give you guys a look at our set, we wanted to do something that was cooperate fun and also modern, something that was physical and a little bit different from our virtual sets, just to add the next edition to our live streams so we started a Pinterest board, we decided to go with a blue brick, we decided vinyl was the best type of background for us, it was fairly affordable, I think It looks pretty dimensional for just being a sticker. On top of that, we knew that we wanted some shelving, so we went with this white floating shelves, we’ve got some cool acient pieces. I think green was a good color to contrast the blue brick, so we went with some green plants, a fun little clock which we have on the live time that we are streaming and we just today got our new Facebook Like Pillow, we also have one for YouTube, so when we are streaming on YouTube, we can switch out the pillows just a fun little addition you can put your own spin on your own set and anything you think will be good for your audience, I can zoom-out as well so you can kind of see where we are, it does not take up much space of the room, we are able to have our set here and Paul am I doing this right?

Paul Richards:  yeah just go ahead and zoom out if you can with the zoom button.

Tess Protesto:  here we go.

Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar

Paul Richards:   I wanted to show you the pan over here just a hair, I wanted to show our green screen so we do use a green screen when we do our zoom video productions, Tess is giving you the full tour and as you can see here, it’s actually just a pull down green screen , so if we wanted to, and this is just our conference room, so we retro fit our conference room to kind of make it a little bit more fun, a little video production and because it’s a pull down, it’s totally out of the way when we have corporate presentations to make and then when we are ready to do our zoom webinars and our live broadcast, we can just step right over here into our broadcasting space and it’s as simple as that. So we expect a lot of companies are going to be doing retro-fit spaces where they go ahead and put a pen to zoom camera in, maybe some shelving and all the thing that Tess explained and we create a full guide that you’re going to be able to download and we’ll talk about the link to where you can find that in this webinar, so great job ValseMusic, we’re obviously not the only one out there using green screen, dropdown green screens are super great and I know that lighting is very important as well and Valse music we’ve worked on a projects together where they are putting in some really great lights, maybe we don’t have time to talk about everything but that’s our first comment. Our next comment, again from ValseMusic here, he’s talking about …Oh wait, that’s the green muslin one. Where is the next one? There are both about the green muslin, he was also talking about how they used to use many-cam and they used to use explicit, those are programs that actually allow you to add that chrome key in the virtual background but now it’s a feature right inside zoom, so with that feature and the live-streaming, it’s like “What is going to be next?”

Tess Protesto:  Exactly, that is what it’s all about. Seems like a lot of companies are going that way like we have mentioned slack before also, you know moving towards the video conferencing side, it’s just really interesting.

Paul Richards:  We are going to talk about slack next week, another really big company taking full advantage of whatever they can implement into their sweet of offerings and zoom has done an amazing Job, so first of all, I wanted to start kind of dig more into zoom adding the webinar feature here and this is zoom’s Facebook account, so far as I know, zoom has only live stream to their Facebook account, I don’t think they’ve done a YouTube live stream yet.

Tess Protesto:  They are still working out the kinks.

Paul Richards:  Still figuring everything out, but Ideally you can choose either YouTube or Facebook with those zoom 4.0 webinars which we’ll talk about a little bit, here we can see that we’re live January 20th and that was just a couple of weeks ago and they live-stream their 4.0 webinar which went over all of the new features so they really want to dig into the features, take a look at this video, because ours is just a quick 10mins weekly Optics for you guys, but you can see that they were live streaming and you can see that it was really just the regular zoom webinar interface, so there is a picture and picture when you’re screen sharing, you can invite attendees to the video and then everyone …it’s basically the whole point of this is to broaden your reach from your webinar from just an internal meeting with like just people logged into zoom to now broadcasting to the social media networks which greatly allows millions of people to potentially watch your video.

Tess Protesto:  Definitely, it’s about getting yourself out there, letting people know what you are about and also staying in their memory just making an impression.

Paul Richards:  So hats off to zoom for adding that feature, I have another little presentation I wanted to show just really quickly showing kind of like the nuts and bolts of this feature from zoom here. So YouTube live and Facebook support. Zoom 4.0 if you are a zoom customer, you need to update your client to the latest zoom client in other for this to work and the biggest feature in my mind was the webinar feature allowing you to reach those bigger audiences on YouTube and Facebook. You can see here they are testing out, they obviously have tested it out YouTube and Facebook so they are both working perfectly, I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, but we are getting a new zoom webinar license added to our account, so we’ll show you some new testing gear, can it be used in the zoom room? That was a question that we’re getting quite a lot and the answer is kind of yes and no. what we are finding is that people want to do live streaming in this kind of higher-end broadcast, are starting to build sets like we are, use green screen and they are turning, retro-fitting a conference room or video room into a live broadcast room. So if you are using the zoom room client that means that you have a MAC or a PC running with the zoom room software and you control everything from the iPad, if you’re doing that, you actually need to get out of the zoom room software, log into the windows or MAC and just launch a regular zoom video conference with a webinar license attached, but it’s easy, don’t worry it sounds  a little complicated but you need a zoom webinar license, they starts at $50 a month and I was going to show you guys where we can find that. So on Zoom video conferencing here you can see here is zoom webinar, so if you’ve got a zoom room license, the zoom room license is worth $50 a month and it’s really kind of conference room based software and they have a recommended hardware and software for that. If you are using zoom webinars that’s also worth $55 a month for up to a hundred attendees, 50 interactive video participant. That is the license that you need in other to do live streaming today, In fact it’s so new that they are not even mentioning it as a major feature yet, so we are bringing this to you super early so that you guys can get on-board with live streaming and hopefully look really professional with some of the things that we offer. So you guys just saw the live demo of this, that’s what our broadcast normally looks like where we are using a green screen, Tess is in her broadcasting area and we are able to produce this really nice live production. We actually use V-mix which is a software for mixing in everything but the more and more that our customers are asking to do this things and they don’t want to get into this higher-end production systems and broadcast software that takes a long time to learn, you know it’s not super simple.

Tess Protesto:  I’m still learning myself

Paul Richards:  You know how hard it can be, and a couple of things on that note, so yes, putting together a production like this can be a little tricky but putting together a system like this is really kind of hands on. You hire somebody to put in the vinyl sets, you put on some shelves, designing, that’s not exactly difficult to do and now you don’t need a green screen, and green screens can be kind of tricky.

Tess Protesto:  Right, Definitely, you have to figure out the software to get your virtual set in, it’s nice to just have full control, even if you are not sure exactly how you are going to deal with the software part at least you have a good background.

Zoom Live Streaming to Facebook

Zoom Live Streaming to Facebook

Paul Richards:  I could totally see people using this with zoom, so let’ s say you’ve got a nice background, now you are looking really professional like some of the higher end YouTuber’s you see out there or even really some of the Television studios that you see, the first thing they do is a really nice background, so now there is no need to use a green screen, you don’t need to worry about little pixels sometimes if the green screens not set up properly there is like pixels and things in the way, you don’t have to worry about any of that, you look great and now you can just launch zoom and you are live streaming and you are having a really nice webinar. So it really simplifies everything, and the authentication into Facebook and YouTube is just seamless, so my hats off to you guys at zoom for making it so easy for everybody to do this kind of stuff. So now let’s take a look again at the next piece here. So that’s how we do it there, on our Facebook page we’ve got a quick little video showing you the behind the scene which you guys have already seen, so the feature does not work for regular zoom license, it’s just webinar licenses and it starts at that webinar 100 which is $55 a month. So zoom says the reason why it’s such a huge deal is because it brings the power of live video on social media networks and extends the reach of your zoom platform so there is a couple of different ways I see people using this, one is let’s just say you are having a cooperate event where you have those 50 – 100 people who you want to be able to chat and pull and do all of those features that zoom has and then you’ve got …you still want it to be a marketing event. You still want to extend you reach and we’re always all trying to grow our social media networks, now you are making that extension. So last but not least, we have a Facebook live streaming course I wanted to show everybody. You can go there at Not exactly easy but I’m sure you can just screen capture that and just write it down or maybe we could even put in the chat room

Tess Protesto:  Yeah I was just going to say that we could throw it in the chat room, we do have a couple of comments here. William Baking says “you can also create a large canvas image for a background.”

Paul Richards:   Ahhh!!! That’s a very good point, thank you for bringing that up William. You don’t have to go through a whole process of the shelves and all that stuff, now the like pillow is really cool and we do have the YouTube pillow, can we show them that.

Tess Protesto:  Yeah, sure. Right down here

Paul Richards:  so we can just swap this pillows out, so I really do think that you …I mean the shelves are like what? $20. So they are not expensive and they give you the ability to just change things up on that.

Tess Protesto:  Yeah I like being able to put a product up here and I think it also gives some nice dimension but you can totally do a canvas background if that’s what you prefer

Paul Richards:  In fact if you’ve ever met with anyone at zoom video conferencing you know that pretty much all of them have canvas backgrounds and they look great and they introduce this green screen video background, but maybe because it’s just cheaper to do green screens than buy expensive vinyl

Tess Protesto:  Maybe, I’m not sure, I don’t know, I want here when you got the green screen I’m not sure exactly what their price range is for those

Live Streaming with Zoom 4.0

Live Streaming with Zoom 4.0

Paul Richards:  That green screen was about $500, as you can see it’s really big and it’s a pull down which means it’s there and then it’s gone which is really nice and I guess the main benefit of a green screen is the fact that it can always change, it’s not stuck to one piece

Tess Protesto:  if you have the ability like us to do both which is awesome, we kept it around $500, so that’s including this giant desk and so on, and the shelves and the vinyl, but I think that somebody with a smaller budget could totally do something similar, it’s just about …

Paul Richards:  But that’s a really good point William that is a very good point. So with that being said we just have a couple more things in our presentation, I think there is just one last slide here which is whether using Facebook of YouTube, we have courses on this. They both have different things that you can take advantage off. On Facebook one of the things we really like is the Facebook live reactions questions that you can poll giant audiences so zoom has their own polling feature but you are limited to just those people that are in your webinar, and it’s not actually displayed on the screen, so you can …actually you could use live reaction polls dot com and you can share your screen and actually you could actually pull that in through zoom. Let me show you guys what I mean by that because sometimes I feel like some of this stuffs I’m saying is kind of complicated and we have about 5 more minutes so let me pull up my screen here, I want to show you guys this new feature on Facebook live reaction, so if you go to, you can actually create a poll and you can see we are a sponsor of this product and you can actually just go ahead and get your token key and your post ID and then you can upload a picture and all of the emoji’s that you want to prompt your audience or a Facebook live reaction project. Normally we do one, this week we were a little rushed and we didn’t even come up with a Facebook live reaction question but you can see here that you certainly can if you want to and it’s all right here so if you were to go through this process get your post ID, get your access token and upload your question as a picture or an image you can then literally hit the start button or the preview button which is not going to work because I haven’t filled this up yet. But once you’ve done that you can then, if you were using zoom webinar, you could share your screen, this would show a live poll basically and the way it works is usually “hey put the Ha-Ha button for YES and the love button for No, for an example” so that is pretty much our show today guys. Tess is there any other questions in the chat room

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