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Learn more Meet The HuddleShare from HuddleCamHD

Meet The HuddleShare from HuddleCamHD

The HuddleShare is one of the many quality products from HuddleCamHD that supports wireless presentation from many devices.

The HuddleShare is a hassle-free wireless device used for sharing contents and has been designed to be compatible with the ever-evolving modern conference room. With this device, you can conveniently and securely transfer your ideas and content from any PC, Android, MacBook, or iOS devices straight to any conference room LCD display or projector with HDMI.

Seamless Wireless Content Sharing

One of the ways in which the HuddleShare is designed is to deliver an impeccable user experience through all the meeting rooms in your company. It makes it easy for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) conference to hold because the HuddleShare will allow an easy wireless content sharing solution that all users will agree to. This feature can make you forfeit and decline installation of the expensive audiovisual cabling in order to benefit from the budget-friendly HuddleShare wireless content system.

If the meeting space is already equipped with an HDMI input or steady computer, the HDMI auto-switching feature can then be used to make for easy addition of the wireless connectivity to the meeting room because of the connectivity options for already installed HDMI input.

HuddleShare Wireless Presentation Device

HuddleShare Wireless Presentation Device

Other features the HuddleShare offers:

Easy Setup

There is no need for stress during the setup. You only need to connect the HDMI cable to your HuddleShare and then your display. The HuddleShare also connects to your network option either through the wireless connection or the wired option. One the connection is made, within a few seconds, the software is installed from the unit. You do not have to look for a proprietary connector and waste lots of time before the commencement of the meeting.

Smartphones can be used to download the apps that permit wireless sharing for Android or iOS with the QR codes shown on the dashboard display.


This device allows you to perfectly share presentations, pictures, office spreadsheets, and movies, including word documents. You do these with the annotation and powerful whiteboarding features that makes it easier for a real-time content collaboration of all the team members.

If your office has a touch screen, it can be connected to the HuddleShare so that you can control any of the connected PC computers by touching it. This way, your notes can be saved after the presentation and shared among the participants of the meeting.

Secure Sharing

The HuddleShare is packaged with a lot of security features that can be beneficial to you either as an individual or the whole organization.

To secure your HuddleShare as an individual, all you should do is configure the HuddleShare as a guest network. This makes it impossible for the participants to intrude on your corporate internet.

To set the privacy for your organization, you can avail yourself the opportunity to use any of the three levels of security customization provided.

Optional Moderator Controls

This feature is added to enable the screens of some users to be shown on the main display in a classroom setting by the moderator. All the members of the group have to do is to install the software, and the moderator can choose which participant to display from the tech supported device.

Wireless Presentation Device

Wireless Presentation Device


The HuddleShare is so portable that it can be mounted behind the displays because it does not require direct interaction with it. This provides that touch of invisibility as the users do not have a direct view of it.

With all these amazing features, it is not surprising to see how the HuddleShare is blazing a new trail for media sharing collaboration in a meeting space.

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