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Watch on YouTube Wireless ClearONE Chat 150

At your request, here we are again making more USB 2.0 audio conferencing devices wireless with the USB 2.0. The ClearONE Chat 150 speakerphones offer a USB 2.0 connection for audio conferencing on web-based software such as GoToMeeting, WebEX and Skype. Now you can connect the ClearONE chat 150 to the USB2AIR to create a wireless connection. In this video, we use the USB2AIR wireless USB extension system to make the ClearONE Chat150 wireless. This is a great way to take a high-quality USB conference phone and make the connection to it wireless! The USB2Air provides a wireless USB 2.0, low-latency, connection between our two transceivers up to 25′ (5-7 meters). This allows us to make various USB 2.0 devices wireless and we really wanted to show off test recordings from the ClearONE Chat 150!

Wireless Chat 150

Wireless Chat 150

As you can see the ClearOne Chat 150 is plugged into the USB2Air USB Hub via USB 2.0. This allows us to wirelessly send a high quality audio conferencing signal to our video conferencing software whether it be: Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEX, Zoom or other. We are also showing additional USB devices connected to show that we can have up to 4 devices so long as our overall bandwidth is under 30 Mbps.

Wireless ClearONE Audio Conference

Wireless ClearONE Audio Conference

In the real world scenario above, you can see that the ClearOne Chat 150 is placed on the conference room table. Traditionally we would have to run USB 2.0 extension cabling to the table in order to connect the conference phone to our PC. There are different conference room “soft client” PC-Based video conferencing configurations but this is a very common one here. As you can see the USB2Air wireless USB 2.0 extension system makes for an easy deployment of the ClearONE Chat 150 speakerphone.

Wireless ClearONE Chat Pod

Wireless ClearONE Chat Pod

Here is just a close up shot of the ClearONE chat 150 connected via USB 2.0 to the USB2Air USB Hub. The USB2Air USB Hub actually provides power over USB to allow devices like the ClearONE Chat 150 to be powered.

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