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Get yours today! How to make a Logitech Webcam Wireless

This is going to be a fun year for video conferencing. The latest wireless USB extenders are just now coming out. Checkout how the latest chipsets are allowing low-latency wireless transmission of USB devices for real-time applications like video conferencing.

This video demonstrates the brand new HuddleCamHD USB 2 Air in action. Here Paul shows us how to make a Logitech Webcam wireless. The USB2Air provides a wireless USB 2.0 extension link between the host and device transceivers up to 30 Mbps. This is more than enough bandwidth to use with multiple 1080p webcams, audio conferencing devices and even interactive touch screens.

Wireless Webcam Diagram

Wireless Webcam Diagram

So in this video, we wirelessly extend the USB 2.0 for a Logitech c920 to demonstrate a popular use case for Wireless USB extension. As we mention many times in a conferencing space environment the computer is either behind the LCD or a laptop on the table. Either way, the USB2Air can be used as a wireless USB extender. If your laptop is on the conference room table you can use the USB2Air to connect devices wirelessly such as a Webcam to your laptop. If your computer is behind the LCD display you can use the USB2Air to add additional products such as a document camera or touch screen controller.

We have just released our brand new USB2Air wireless USB extension system. And I wanted to review how to make a Logitech webcam wireless because that seems to be our number one request is how can I make webcams wireless with this wireless USB 2.0 extension system that you guys are launching? We’re actually launching it on Kickstarter. I have it plugged in directly to this webcam here.

Wireless Webcam on Windows 10

Wireless Webcam on Windows 10

So one of the first things I want to note is that basically there are two pieces of the USB2Air. There’s actually a host and a device, wireless USB2.0 system.

So the first thing I’ll show is that there is nothing plugged into this computer except for the wireless transceiver here and I’ll just zoom into it. Whoop. That should be pretty good. See it right there? That’s the wireless USB 2.0 transceiver. It’s not a receiver. I thought it was for a little bit but it’s actually a transceiver, meaning it’s bidirectional. So you can send video and audio in two directions which is ideal because you can send commands from different things.

And today we’re just showing webcams. So the first thing a lot of people mention – first let’s just look at the device. So the Logitech C920, there’s a whole bunch of Logitech – almost every Logitech product is USB 2.0 so it will work with this. It’s plugged directly into this, the wireless transceiver here, the device wireless transceiver which has a 4 port USB hub.

The nice thing about that is that the USB hub, the wireless USB hub actually allows you to plug in multiple devices. So you can do multiple webcams which we showed on our last live stream. Today I’m just doing one webcam here and then you can have up to 4 different devices; USB thumb drives, things like that.

So think about the applications here for a moment. A lot of times you have your webcam in the front but you have your laptop on a computer, on a laptop and you don’t want to have to run a cable all the way across your conference room or board room, have it draped over the floor. It’s a tripping hazard really.

So this allows you to wirelessly have a hub right at the table from multiple USB devices. Or vice versa, have the wireless hub at the television where the camera is and then just have the receiver, the host receiver here plugged into a Windows computer. This is a Windows-only product and it does require the display link drivers which are very standard for Windows.

So latency, that’s one of the things we talk about a lot here is that the latency is literally one millisecond, meaning it is ideal for web conferencing, for collaboration, for interactivity. There’s literally no noticeable latency. One millisecond cannot be really seen by the human eye. So it’s almost no latency at all there. It’s kind of the test that we do just to kind of show you that that is how it works so it’s a really reliable system.

Wireless Webcam

Wireless Webcam

The last thing I wanted to mention is that right now it is available on Kickstarter for $254, it will get you a pair. And then there’s even a two pair offer on Kickstarter. This project is – the first 100 units are going out for those tech adopters, those early adopters of technology on Kickstarter. And then the product will be shipping in May with retail stores and all the HuddleCamHD partners.

So this is how you can create a wireless webcam. The last scenario I wanted to look at and I’ll show this full screen here is adding a secondary webcam to your system. So in a little bit I will show you how to add a document camera.

So you can add – let’s say you already have a video conferencing system, you’ve got a webcam, you’ve got a speaker phone, you’ve got a computer and you want to add a second camera at the back of the room to show the audience or over by your touchscreen or your whiteboard so you can show that view. Now you can wirelessly add a second camera to your existing setup.

So there’s a lot of different ways to use this technology and it’s available on Kickstarter now so we’ll put the link below and please feel free to back our project. And every Friday we’re live streaming live demos of this technology. Thanks for watching everybody.



The reason why the USB2Air is so special is because the latency is super low (1 millisecond). So this wireless USB extension can be used for real time applciations such as video conferencing and collaboration. As you can see in the video the latency is just as good as if the USB webcam was plugged directly into the computer. The only drawback is that this is a Windows-only product! That means this will work with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 but not any Mac computers!

This is just one of the many applications for this wireless USB 2.0 device. Check out our Kickstarter for more info or to purchase one for yourself!

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